Booking Services

Whether a corporate event, public indoor concert, or an outdoor concert that’s part of a major fair or festival, the venue is very important in deciding what is needed for a successful event. For any venue, there are four key pieces that need to come together for a really great show. All the other equipment and people needed support these four pieces.

  1. The Right Entertainer(s)
  2. Striking Staging
  3. Good Sound Quality
  4. Dramatic Lighting

Venue & Promoter Booking: Agency Services

It all starts with booking the right entertainer!

Is your venue in need of an experienced and trusted partner to handle booking and logistics?

If so, then TSE is the ideal agency to complement your team. We book for the whole range of entertainment venues, from private parties to large arenas and everything in between. We book major international talent as well as regional entertainers for your events. We also handle all the production and performance logistics you need to supplement your own resources in putting on great performances.

We are entertainment professionals with over 175 years in the music business. We know what artists are suitable for each kind of venue. We also know which ones show up on time and deliver the kind of performance you want.

We supplement our knowledge with research on tour histories. We look at things like their ticket pricing, how well they fill seats and whether venues have had any issues with entertainers before we recommend them to you.

Whether your event is large or small; whether it is a private party or public concert; whether it is for a corporate event or your daughter’s Quinceañeras; whether it’s an outdoor festival or an indoor reception; in our four decade history we’ve handled the entertainment for it.

Venue and Promoter Representation for booking entertainers.

  • Public Concerts: large and small
  • Clubs
  • Fairs & Festivals
  • Corporate Events
  • Trade Show & Product Launches
  • Galas
  • Private Parties
  • Receptions
  • Weddings
  • Fundraising Events
  • College socials and concerts
  • Mardi Gras
  • Bat & Bar Mitzvah Entertainment
  • Debutante Coming Out parties or Galas
  • Quinceañeras & Sweet 16 Parties

Venue & Promoter Booking Agency Services

  • Venue representation: Our process for assisting venues and promoters includes the following:
    • Learning about, answering questions and informing you about the performance issues associated with your kind of event
    • Working with you to determine your specific wishes and then using our resources, working with your staff, to assure that they are carried out
    • Matching local, regional, and national artists to your budget, wishes and audience demographic. Once you approve recommended artists..
    • Negotiate fees, contracts and riders, keeping your wishes and budgets in mind.
    • Providing artist publicity materials, including photos, bios, and other promotion materials to market your event.
    • Coordinating all arrangements for those performing at your events
    • Providing on-site team member to handle entertainer logistics
    • Working with your staff and artists until completion of the performance
    • Optional services: (For a full list see our (Concert Support Services)
      • Event production & management
      • Marketing & promotion
      • Event website & social media presence & marketing
      • Staging, sound equipment, lighting, staffing
      • Video/photography event recording/post production

Exclusive and Non-Exclusive Venue or Promoter Representation

We work in either capacity to match artist entertainers with your booking needs. From there we negotiate on your behalf to get the best entertainment and best price for your event.


Our fees are built into the quote we give you. You won’t find “extra” fees added on unless you ask us to take on other parts of your show after the initial quote, e.g., providing seating, tents, electricity, etc. In those cases, you will be presented with the breakdown of costs in advance so you can approve them.

TSE Can Save You Money: When it comes right down to the bottom line, TSE saves you money! Even after our fee, most clients come to realize that they are saving money. That’s right. If you wanted to take on what TSE does for yourself, you would find that the quotes you get would be equal to or more than TSE quotes for the same entertainers and services.

There’s a lot of work to putting on a concert or artist performance. Trying to do it yourself means you are committing huge amounts of your and your staff’s time. That’s money out of your pocket and time you probably don’t have with your current schedules. Think about it. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see the advantage of hiring TSE to help you plan and book the entertainment that makes your show a success.

TSE can save you as much as 20% of the costs of putting a show on yourself.

Peace of Mind: One more time. TSE saves you money while doing all the tasks that go into making a successful event. If you aren’t convinced, take a look at the list of services outlined above. Now imagine all the meetings, phone calls, emails, texts that are needed to assure a smoothly run show from preplanning to the performance itself. Do you really want to do that? Let TSE do it and give you the peace of mind knowing that your gig is being run by a professional booking agency that has been doing it for over four decades.

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