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Everything You Need to Know About Choosing a Live Wedding Band

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Planning for entertainment at your wedding reception can be intimidating. Who you choose to be your live wedding band will influence your memories of the big day—and of course, they are crucial to your guests’ enjoyment too! This is a decision you want to get just right.

 Live music makes all the difference in the world, and a good wedding band can set the right mood for your reception. If you and your future spouse have your hearts set on hiring a wedding band, here are some simple tips to help booking talent a breeze: 

First, Settle Your Wedding Venue

Before taking any other steps, you have to settle your wedding and reception venue. Rules for live music vary with each venue, and you must check what limitations and restrictions you may be facing.

Some venues have volume restrictions, and you will have to relay this information to the band you will eventually hire. Some venues may not be able to accommodate all of the music equipment, so you will have to negotiate on your event layout as well. 

Keep all these details in mind throughout your search for wedding entertainment.

Next, Set Your Budget

While you shouldn’t base your choice solely on price, it is a crucial factor that will undoubtedly influence your final decision. Once you start shopping around for live bands, you will get a feel for the typical talent fee they will be charging. If your wedding date is during the peak season, you already know that you will be paying premium prices.

Once you’ve hired a band, another important financial consideration should be what is or isn’t included in their package. Make sure to nail down all agreements and put them on paper if you can. You will likely have to pay for travel expenses, accommodation, and of course, their food for the event.

Third, Choose Your Sound

 You want your wedding band to suit your style. Of course you want to please your guests, but your wedding is still yours. Some bands specialize in specific genres, while many others can be flexible enough to play all the different types of music you want to play at your wedding reception. You will likely have guests whose ages span all generations, and you want to be able to please them with their type of music, too.

If you have specific songs that you want to be played, make sure to relay that information to your band. If you don’t have a very extensive playlist in mind, then ask for their general wedding repertoire so that you won’t have any surprises during the event. If you have a music-loving crowd, you may also want to set aside time for family and friends to take the mic, too!

Then, Do Your Due Diligence

If you’re having trouble finding a wedding band for yourself, you can consult with a reputable talent booking agency in your area. In the digital age, most professional bands should have at least a handful of videos uploaded online, and you can whittle down your list after spending some time on YouTube. Seek out recommendations and reviews too. 

And Finally, Hire Your Band ASAP

You likely already know that scheduling anything for a wedding can be a nightmare. Wedding entertainment is no exception. Start your search early, and meet with your chosen band to nail down your contract as soon as possible and ensure you’re booked in!


 Your wedding is one of the most important events of your life. Of course you only want the best! While your choice of live entertainment is incredibly important, you should also try not to stress about it too much. Try to enjoy building your reception playlist and watching performances of your potential bands. By following the listed tips above, you’ll surely be able to book your perfect band soon enough! 

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