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TSE is one of the oldest and most trusted entertainment booking agencies in the United States. Established in 1975 as Texas Sounds Entertainment, it has been booking local, regional and national entertainers for a variety of venues for over four decades.

  • One of the oldest and most trusted booking agencies in the U.S.
  • Delivers quality acts and performance support services
  • Real, no pressure, people whose goal is building trust and a long-lasting relationship

As Texas Sounds Entertainment grew beyond its Texas roots, it evolved into TSE and ushered in a period of national expansion. The change also ushered in the adoption of state-of-the-art digital platforms that provide a host of features for our artists and venues to promote and keep track of their gigs.

  • We Remain True to Our Founding Principal
    Despite the more digital focus, TSE remains true to its founding principal:
    Building and nurturing relationships with artists and promoters based on trust that endure over time.
  • We Know What You Want:The most important part of who we are, and why we continue to last when other agencies come and go is simply that we know what you want. We’ve seen it all in our 40 plus years of booking and handling production and logistics in a variety of venues.Relationships, just like reputations need to be built on trust. It takes time to get to know an artist, learn their needs, ambitions, and how they like to work.
  • We Make Sure Everything Goes Smoothly
    Our job is not just to make you money, find work, and keep your interests at the forefront of negotiations, but also to is to make things operate smoothly for everyone involved.

    • Venues expect us to deliver quality acts that show up ready to do their job.
    • They expect us to stand behind our services and have the components in place to allow the best performance possible.
  • Experience Matters:
    It’s not something you can pick up in a month, or even a year. It takes seeing the best and the worst, in dive bars, and giant arenas in the Florida rain or Texas sun.Our experience as a booking agency has seen nearly every environment and equipment set-up imaginable and we continue to learn and adapt as new stages and technology evolve. As a testament to the quality of its services, some venues have been booking their acts with us for over 20 years; many others for over 15 years. Our testimonials and references speak to how well both venues and performers value the services we provide.
  • We Are Real People Who Want to Help
    You deal with real people who want to win your trust and confidence. We pride ourselves in establishing long-term relations with the people we serve.
  • We Are a Great Agency For Artists As Well As VenuesTSE is a great agency for established performers looking to grow their number of bookings. We can be a RA or a booking agency for rising stars as well as well-known entertainers. We can handle as little or as much production support as you need for your performances.We also have long established relationships with venues who need us to provide first-class entertainment and handle the logistics of their concerts or events. Just tell us how we can help you put on a quality show for your audience.

TSE operates out of Houston and Austin, Texas, but provides booking and production services all over the U.S. Its top dogs have well over a 175 years of music industry and booking experience.

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TSE Key Team Members

Our key team members have over 175 years of music business experience. We see our job as earning your trust and keeping your interests at the heart of what we do. We look to keep you as a client for many years to come. That’s why we’re still here 43 years after our founding.

Mike Black

Mike Black — Managing Partner-Bookings; Musician, Artist

Mike has been on all sides of the music industry for over three decades. Once a traveling musician booked by TSE, he understands the Business both from a performer’s perspective and agency viewpoint.


Cell: 281-235-2473

Robert "Bob" Brecht

Bob Brecht — Managing Partner-Operations; Producer, Chief Technology Officer

Doctor Bob has been in the marketing and production side of television and music for over three decades. He and Mike form a formidable team in helping artists and venues to put on the best show possible.


Cell: 281-744-7260

Glenda Black LATEST

Glenda Black — Partner; Booking and Artist Relations

Marketing, Music Publishing
Glenda is a real go-getter. When she puts her mind to something, it gets done. That includes finding gigs for artists and artists for venues.


Cell: 512-762-0603

Bill Angelini

Bill Angelini — Head of Latin American Music Division

Bill’s company, is now part of TSE and is one of most trusted Latin American entertainment booking companies in the U.S. With over 40 years of entertainment history and well documented success, Bill delivers the very best for all of his clients.


Cell: 210-363-4978

Helen Elshick — Booking Agent

Helen Elshick — Booking Agent

Helen has spent the last 20 years in Radio as an on air talent, promotions, and program director.  She has worked with the development of Music, Show, and Venue strategies. She is ready to bring that experience to the events and talent of TSE Entertainment. She has a passion for music is the best mentor you can have in your corner.


Cell: 979-240-1344

John Villanueva

John Villanueva — Booking Agent

John has been in the music business for over 25 years. He ran his own record label and is the Owner – Operator of the Electric Cowboys and Grupo Vida. He brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the TSE team.


Cell: 210-859-4918

Melissa Crowley

Melissa Crowley — Booking Agent

Melissa is the Manager of SA Lights Band and  Vice President and Entertainment Co-Director of Calhoun County Fair.  “When I believe in something…I’m passionate about it and driven to make it the best it can be. If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan not the goal. Positive Vibes Only”


Cell: 361-935-3010

Matt Jessup

Matt Jessup – On-Site Logistics Manager

Matt has had a lifelong passion for music and a has full understanding of the complexities of putting on a GREAT Show! He has been with TSE now for over 3 years and has managed a multitude of concerts. He is a great asset of TSE and you will love working with Matt at your event.


Cell: 361-571-1870

Allison Lee

Allison Lee —  Administration

Allison’s engineering background is perfectly suited for handling all the details associated with contracts, riders and the other administrative aspects of TSE’s operations. Service is also her middle name.


Cell: 281-536-8481

Henrich Perez

Henrich Perez —  Producer/Director

Henrich is a top-flight video and event producer and director. He routinely does work for Fortune 500 companies when he is not working for our clients. If you need very creative video or event production, he’s your man.


Cell: 281-745-6855

Justine Randle

Justine Randle —  Booking Agent – Event Production

Justine is an event production professional who has been involved in concerts and the music industry for over 15 years. She is passionate event production professional in the R&B, Alternative, Hip Hop and Rock genres.


Cell: 832-868-4603

Karina Nistal TSE

Karina Nistal — Booking Agent – Artist

Karina Nistal started as a Singer/Songwriter in Houston. While in Los Angeles she took on several other roles in Music, TV, and Entertainment. Naturally, she took a serious interest in booking other great acts while still pursuing her love for performing.
Cell: 213-718-2833

Kassie Rae Phillips

Kassie Rae Phillips — Manager of Social Media

Kassie is our go to person for social media for TSE and the artists we represent. Her background includes running the social media strategies of a number of companies before joining TSE.
Cell: 713-298- 3658

Linda Arlitt

Linda Arlitt — Contracts

Linda, with her years of experience, brings persistence and organization in dealing with agents, clients, and artists to get contracts executed quickly, accurately, and efficiently. She is an essential part of the TSE team.
Cell: 512-461-7212

Jim Wyly

Jim Wyly — Senior Agent, Artist, Musician

Jim has 7 years’ experience as an agent, 30 experience as a Singer/Songwriter and many years as a Marketing Director. His experience makes him a good colleague to book your next gig.
Cell: 512-626-9853

Mike Sandberg

Mike Sandberg — Consultant

Original founder of TSE and booked for 35 or more years. Mike is a well known individual in the Music Business.

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