Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.)

With over four decades of entertainment booking experience, TSE is one of the most trusted names in the industry. We get to know our clients and seek to build long term relationships with them. We do this by saving them money and giving them peace of mind, knowing that we stand behind our services. Visit our testimonial page or ask to see our references. See our Why TSE page if you need more info.

Give us a call at (737) 808-3228 or use our “Click to Call” button during normal business hours (8 to 5 Central Time). You can also use our booking inquiry form at any time and one of our agents will get back to you. The process is easy and painless.

After we spend some time learning about your event requirements, dates, budget, audience demographics, entertainers on your wish list, etc., we locate the act or acts that meet those conditions and are available for your specific dates. We recommend them to you and you make the final decision. We then go about booking the entertainers you choose.

The next step is finding out how much of the production tasks you wish to handle yourself. These include such things as hotel accommodations, ground transportation, staging, lighting, sound equipment, etc. A more comprehensive list can be found in our list of services. Once we figure out that together, we will quote you an inclusive price for the all the services that you would like TSE to provide.

That depends on a number of factors. Each event or venue is unique when it comes to the best entertainment for their needs. We consider budget, audience demographics, logistics, geographical area, past artist performances, etc. in recommending artists for your event. We try to be match the best artist available while also being realistic when it comes to recommending who you should book.

It really depends on the size of your event. The longer lead time the better to assure you get the entertainers you want for your show. For bigger venues, such as arenas, fairs, festivals, etc. TSE recommends you start at least 9 or 10 months out from your event. A year is even better. Long lead times give you a better selection of acts to choose from for your event. Remember weekends are prime booking dates, so plan as far ahead as possible.

No, the only time you need to pay anything is when we secure an act that you want. Our fees are included in the overall price quote.

Yes. Each venue, event is unique in their respective ways. If you are booking entertainment, you should have liability insurance. If you are doing outdoor events, you might want to consider insurance for cancellation due to weather or other conditions.

Most concerts have the following production logistics

  • The entertainer’s fee
  • Flights
  • Hotel accommodation and ground transportation
  • Pre-production and production management (Onsite producer)
  • Labor
  • Staging
  • Backline equipment (equipment the band uses)
  • Sound equipment
  • Lighting
  • Power
  • Requirements stipulated in Rider

A Contract Rider is a list of requirements that the entertainer stipulates are needed for them to perform. The list may include such things as sound equipment, accommodations, food, beverages, etc. The bigger the name, the more Rider requirements.

A turnkey event agreement with us means that TSE will handles all the things outlined as production issues above. Whether your event needs an onsite producer or a logistics manager, TSE will provide it and the labor needed. How much we do really depends on you. We complement your team to fill in the gaps needed for a successful event.

Grounds entertainers are great for boosting admission and driving traffic to different areas of fairs and festivals. Grounds entertainers act as free attractions for the entire length of the event. They can be educational as well as entertaining. Using grounds entertainers is a fast-growing trend in the fair and festival marketplace. It’s a way to give their patrons more for their admission to the event. Typically, 2 to 4 are utilized.