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Different Ideas for Festival Entertainment

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Live music is often the most recognizable type of festival entertainment. When people think of a music festival, big names come to mind like Coachella or Stagecoach. Hundreds of musicians playing to a huge crowd outdoors on multiple stages.

However, not all festivals are created equal. Most festivals are local celebrations. The live entertainment that performs reflects the entertainment budget for the event. Besides concert musical performances, there is a large variety of festival entertainment that may have never crossed organizers minds. Non-musical entertainment is another option and there are great acts that can be booked for live entertainment at a festival. Festival goers can have a fully immersive entertainment experience combining live music and non-musical acts.

Why Book Non-Musical Acts for Festival Entertainment?

With cities coming out of lockdown people are looking for a way to cure their quarantine boredom, and what better to do that than to head out to a festival? But when planning a festival, there are a lot of facets that go into it. Aside from booking festival bands, there are the tasks of finding vendors, food, sponsors and more. With people looking for new and exciting things to keep them entertained post-quarantine, a great option that would capture the audience’s attention is non-musical acts.

There are a number of different ways these acts can perform for your patrons. Often these types of acts are called grounds attractions. Such “attractions” can function as strolling performers among festival goers. Another is for them to have their own stand-alone attractions within the festival grounds.  The third would be for such entertainment to provide a stage show for your patrons. These acts can be in accompaniment with festival bands as stage entertainment. In such a role, they can work as entertainment between musician’s sets or provide a lead in show for the concert musical headliner.

Whether stage shows, booths attractions or strolling entertainers it’s a great way to get the audience involved and provide an immersive, interactive and fun experience.

Non-Musical Festival Entertainment Ideas

When thinking of ideas for non-musical festival entertainment, what comes to mind? There are the usual suspects: circus acts, impressionists, comedians, etc. But there may be others to consider as well.

Below is a list of types of acts that are guaranteed to get your audience’s attention. Your festival attendees will be wowed by these live entertainment options and feel even more included in the festivities.

Live Ambiance Entertainment Ideas

Ambiance is another word for atmosphere in the sense of the mood a place or setting has. Ambiance entertainment can make the audience feel whimsical, charmed, awestruck, even as if they have been transported to a different locale.

Ideas for entertainmentTSE has a couple of Featured Ambiance Entertainment companies as part of its recently launched Non-musical and Specialty Acts Roster.

Acts from companies like Circosphere on the West Coast or Silver Lynx Arts out of Houston, Texas would be great additions if those searching for ideas for festival or party entertainment. Their artists provide the perfect ambiance entertainment to wow your audience. Both of these entertainment companies offer creative costuming and performances for any theme that provides the “wow” factor you want for your event.Festival ideas, ideas for entertainment, fortune teller

Their gifted entertainers offer high quality performances that will leave the crowd amazed.

Guests can be served drinks by aerial bartenders, or wine and whiskey bicyclists. Evening events can come to life with their LED costumes with roller skaters, Go Go robot dancers, LED show girls and more.

To complete the ambient effect, there are contortionists, stilt walkers, hula hoopers, swimming mermaids, acrobats, and many more options available.

Need more ideas for festival entertainment? They also offer interactive entertainment for the festival goers to feel more engaged during the event. These include face painters, glitter tattoos, henna artists, fortune tellers, caricaturists, balloon twisters and beyond.

TSE has even used such ambiance entertainers to welcome people to a major casino.  The casino also had different entertainers stroll through the casino leaving many workers and gamblers scrambling to grab their smart phones to get a photo with the performers. Everyone seemed to really enjoy the diversion from what they were doing.

Comedy and Close-Up Magic

Need more ideas for festival entertainment? Everyone enjoys a good laugh or an intricate magic trick. Why not have both? A comedic magician is a great option to get the audience involved with performers.

festival entertainment ideasTSE has a number of talented comedic magicians on its newly launched Featured Non-Musical and Specialty Entertainment Acts Roster

A great option for those looking for a laugh and a trick of the hand is Jeff Martin. He’s been making audiences laugh and surprising them with his magic skills for over thirty years. His close-up magic, comedy and hypnosis shows are sure to get the crowd excited.

Another magician that would work well for festival entertainment is Dryden Gold. He claims to enjoy close up magic because he loves making a deep personal connection with everyone he interacts with. This family-friendly illusionist creates a high energy performance that will amuse the audience.

Of course there is also Pat Davison who is a veteran of almost five decades of entertaining worldwide with his Comedy, Magic, Juggling and Balancing acts. He been the half-time entertainment with the Harlem Globe Trotters and has been featured in “The Best of Burlesque” Statler Bros TV Show, and hundreds of shows with circuses, fairs and festivals.

No matter which you choose your patrons will not be disappointed. These are nationally known comedic magician entertainers.

Tricks and Thrills Ideas for Festival Entertainment

Ideas for festival entertainmentA treat for festival goers and thrill seekers alike are entertainers that specialize in thrills. For those that find joy in the dangerous and death defying, these heart pounding forms of entertainment will hit the spot. If you are seeking ideas for festival entertainment out of the ordinary, think thrill shows. They are a great choice for live entertainment for both indoor and outdoor festivals.

When searching for a thrilling entertainment group The Fearless Flores should be at the top of the list. Their show is sure to make even the hardest-to-impress people’s jaws drop. The Fearless Flores were featured on America’s Got Talent featuring their Globe of Death Act.

Another coming act is Cirque Akrobat which is comprised of eight generations of circus acrobats and high wire performers. Each of these groups offers what is called the Globe of Death and high wire thrill shows.

The Globe of Death is a sphere-shaped fence structure where three motorcyclists race around inside the globe. The performers constantly brushing against each other in the Globe of Death is enough to make the audience’s head spin– in a good way.

But that’s not all! Their acts feature aerial stunts such as high wire walking, riding aFestival entertainment ideas motorcycle with people hanging from it along a high wire and other wire walking thrills. Their nail-biting performances will dazzle everyone at your festival.

We hope these ideas for festival entertainment will get you thinking about more ways to provide entertainment at your event. No matter the type of non-musical entertainment that grabs your interest, it is sure to excite the audience at any music festival. When booking festival entertainment, TSE can help ensure that every service need is met. Even during the current pandemic, TSE has a plan for how to safely put on a festival. Let us help you put on a better music festival with our show stopping roster of musical and non-musical acts.

After all, we’ve been doing it since 1975.

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