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Private Event Entertainment: Booking Agency Versus Online Directories

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Booking entertainment for private events can be both time consuming and frustrating depending on the specific type of private event. If you are planning anything from an engagement party to celebrating an anniversary or another milestone, you know that it can be a stressful endeavor. You must think of and plan everything from food to the venue to live entertainment and so many other small details.

One thing that can be especially stressful is booking the right entertainment for your event. Not only finding an act that is the right fit for your event but finding an act that won’t break the budget.

When looking to book a band you for a private entertainment event there are two options for finding private event entertainment unless you already know the artist you want. They are:

      1. Using an online directory to find entertainment
      2. Using an entertainment booking agency

If you use a search engine to book a band, e.g., using a search inquiry such as “bands near me” or “local cover bands” you search engine results page will have links to entertainment directories that have a listing of bands or other forms of private event entertainment acts. The directory makes money by charging artists to be listed as well as charging people a fee who book acts through their directory.

Using an Agency for Booking Entertainment Often Makes the Most Sense

When you are particular about your private event entertainment, it is more prudent to use an entertainment booking agency. You will see reasons why as you read on.

Some may think that entertainment booking agencies are only used for big events like concerts and festivals. Most booking agencies find entertainment for private events such as weddings, corporate events, charity galas, fundraising occasions, grand openings, and private parties.

You will find booking agencies are available and can be of great use to you for your private event planning.

Booking agencies and their agents are well equipped with the expertise and knowledge on all the best acts that would be perfect for private event entertainment for all occasions. Why would you use a booking agent over just finding entertainment on your own via online directories? Here are four good reasons.

4 Reasons to Use a Booking Agency for Private Event Entertainment

There are 4 main reasons as to why you should be using a booking agent to book your private event as opposed to using an online directory.

  1. Their knowledge of entertainers allow them to find the best bands for you and any event planner you use.
  2. They also are trained and experienced in negotiating fees so that they can get the best deal for you.
  3. They stay in contact with you and the entertainers during the entire process of booking and advancing a performance.
  4. Good agencies provide excellent customer service and will provide you peace of mind during the whole process

Let’s go through these reasons a bit deeper.

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Able to Find the Best Bands for You

The first reason as to why you should be using an entertainment booking agency is that they are able to find the best bands for your specific event. These entertainment experts are familiar with a range of different acts and bands that may be the right fit for you. If you’re wanting a four-piece quartet for a light mood, an energetic full band or maybe a rock tribute band, the chances are the booking agent knows exactly the right act for you. With a wide range of contacts in the entertainment industry, getting you connected to the right act would be quick and easy. You wouldn’t need to search for months trying to find someone you can afford or someone that everyone would enjoy at your event. All these worries can be eased because a booking agent can connect you to the right act quickly and easily.

This is different from using online directories to find your entertainment. When using an online entertainment directory to find your private event entertainment, it’s harder to gauge whether the act you are hiring is exactly what you wanted for your event. You must research what the band sounds like, look through reviews to make sure they’re a credible act and so much more. Therefore, using a booking agent can make planning your event so much easier.

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Booking Agents Negotiate for you

The next reason to use a booking agency is they can help you negotiate the performance price you will pay for your private event entertainment. An experienced booking agent can get you, the client, the best deal possible for your private event entertainment.

When you’re using an online directory and finding your entertainment yourself, you may not have the time or skill to negotiate a fee that fits your budget. Remember that booking agencies do this many times a day. Booking agents have the experience to know the price that someone should charge and how much everything should be costing you. They can even try and make deals with the band to make sure you, the client, are getting everything you need within your budget. When doing this through an online directory, you could be paying more than what a booking agent could get you.

When you use an online directory to book your event entertainment there is a likely chance that the artist that you choose will not be willing to negotiate because they don’t have a prior relationship to you.

Agencies that have been booking entertainment for years have relationships with artists, their management and big-name talent agencies. These connections could possibly lead to you getting a better deal on your live entertainment for your private event.

Not only with booking entertainment but their relationships with other vendors could lead to you getting you a better price on local production such as staging, sound, as well as lighting.

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Continuous Coordination

The third reason you should be using a booking agent to book your private entertainment is that your booking agent helps you with the coordination of your private event entertainment. Your booking agent will be contacting you from the time you contact them initially all the way until the day of your event. Continuous coordination is something that is incredibly important to making your event go smoothly. Having someone that is consistently making sure all the details are set in stone and figured out by the day of your event is key to less stress on the planner and having a great event. The industry refers to the process as “advancing the show.”

When you use an online directory, it is just you and the artist trying to figure out each detail. This could include things like the contract that would be signed between both parties. Booking agents will usually go over things like your contract and make sure that you, the client, understands everything and agrees to everything that the artist is needing as well as making sure they agree to your needs. They will also go over the artist’s contract riders with you to make sure that nothing is missed the day of the event.

Booking agencies will first evaluate what sort of event you are planning and work with you to ensure you’re getting everything you need for your occasion. They work with the client to discuss every detail about the event. This is because every event is different, and the client or artist may need something different. There are things like transportation, staging, lighting, sound requirements as well as hotels, meals, local transportation and other issues that may be needed for your entertainment. These are things that your booking agent would go through and evaluate for each client.

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Attentive Customer Service

The fourth reason is the attentive customer service that you will be receiving while using a booking agency. When using an online directory to book your event entertainment you may not get answers right away when you have questions. If there is a possible problem from the time you book the act to the day they perform, a booking agent will make sure you get answers quickly as well as try and figure out issues that you might be having. Agents try to be quick with their responses so that you get the best customer service possible.

They also make sure that every detail is fine-tuned between you and the artist so that you can sit back and relax when it comes to your private event entertainment. Instead of stressing about getting everything in order, you can let your booking agent handle every aspect of your event entertainment for you.

If you’re the client or an event planner for a private event, consider using a booking agency instead of an online directory for private event entertainment. Using a booking agent has great benefits for helping you to plan an amazing event. You can find the perfect entertainment easily for your event. You will get attentive customer care as well as continuous coordination up until the day of your event. That’s on top of getting the right price for your private occasion entertainment.

If you’re planning a private event and are struggling with booking entertainment, let TSE Entertainment help you find the right singer, band or specialty act for your next private event.

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