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Industry Knowledge = Peace of Mind

47 years of building industry relationships and knowledge means you get the best rates and someone at your side advising you every step of the way, saving you time and money.

TSE’s  5-Star rated services means you can stop stressing as your event is organized. From planning to load out TSE has you covered. We are your one-stop entertainment partner.

We Represent You, the Talent Buyer

Whatever type of venue, festival, or event, TSE is your trusted representative with all parties involved.  Whether it’s a top-selling touring artist, celebrity speaker, local cover band, or a dancing dog show, we can help you create a unique and special experience for  your attendees.

We stand by our hard work, access to acts, and ethical operation.

Comprehensive Services

TSE provides whatever service you need for your event. Whether it’s ticketing, sponsorship, local production or full event management for a full turnkey event.

TSE strives for long-term relationships with those we serve. Clients use us year after year. Check out what clients say about us  and our 5-star Google rating.

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Booking Entertainment

From local to internationally acclaimed talent, TSE books them all.  With 47 years of booking experience, TSE can handle any need for finding, negotiating, and hiring talent for venues or one-time events.

Talent booking
Event production

Event Production

Providing the right stage, sound system and lighting arrays is critical to any performance. TSE provides whatever local production support is needed for a great show.

Events Management

We are here to provide the help you need for your concert or festival. From planning and management functions, to putting a experienced production team on site to handle everything involved with it.

Events management

Event Sponsorship

Our experienced team can provide your fair, festival, concert series or venue with turn-key sponsorship services to create more revenue and partnerships with local, regional and national brands.

Event Ticketing

Looking for a full-featured, affordable, easy-to-use online ticketing platform, backed by 5-star customer service? Our ticketing platform is customized to your needs for your events.
Event ticketing
Event Marketing
event marketing

Event Marketing

Our team of professionals can promote your concert or festival, using both online and offline channels. From extensive research to creating content, our team can handle everything from beginning to end.

TSE Books Any Performer
We Also Feature Artists On Our Rosters

TSE’s Featured Artist Rosters include Country, Party/Cover Bands, Pop/Rock, Latin and one of the largest Tribute Band Rosters anywhere. We also have a specialty act roster with everything from circus acts to magicians, comedians, and strolling entertainers.


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tse entertainment satisfied clients
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