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About TSE

TSE is one of the most trusted full-service entertainment agencies in the United States. Established in 1975 as Texas Sounds Entertainment, it has been booking entertainers and providing production services for a variety of venues for over four decades. We do booking, sponsorship development, online ticketing, event promotion, local production, to complete turnkey concerts and festivals. Whatever you need, we can help.

We Remain True to Our Founding Principal

Despite the more digital focus, TSE remains true to its founding principal:
Building and nurturing relationships with artists and promoters based on trust that endure over time.

We Know What You Want

The most important part of who we are, and why we continue to last when other agencies come and go is simply that we know what you want. We’ve seen it all in our 40 plus years of booking and handling production and logistics in a variety of venues. Relationships, just like reputations need to be built on trust. It takes time to get to know an artist, learn their needs, ambitions, and how they like to work.

We Make Sure Everything Goes Smoothly

Our job is not just to make you money, find work, and keep your interests at the forefront of negotiations, but also to is to make things operate smoothly for everyone involved.

  • Venues expect us to delivery quality acts that show up ready to do their job.
  • They expect us to stand behind our services and have the components in place to allow the best performance possible.

Experience Matters

It’s not something you can pick up in a month, or even a year. It takes seeing the best and the worst, in dive bars, and giant arenas in the Florida rain or Texas sun.Our experience as a booking agency has seen nearly every environment and equipment set-up imaginable and we continue to learn and adapt as new stages and technology evolve. As a testament to the quality of its services, some venues have been booking their acts with us for over 20 years; many others for over 15 years. Our testimonials and references speak to how well both venues and performers value the services we provide.

We Are Real People Who Want to Help

You deal with real people who want to win your trust and confidence. We pride ourselves in establishing long-term relations with the people we serve.

We Are a Great Full-Service Entertainment Agency for Any Venue or Event

TSE is a great agency for established performers looking to grow their number of bookings. We can be a RA or a booking agency for rising stars as well as well-known entertainers. We can handle as little or as much production support as you need for your performances.We also have long established relationships with venues who need us to provide first-class entertainment and handle the logistics of their concerts or events. Just tell us how we can help you put on a quality show for your audience.

TSE operates out of Houston and Austin, Texas, with agents and production people located all over the United States. TSE provides booking, event marketing, ticketing, sponsorship development and production services all over North America. Its top dogs have well over a 175 years of music industry and booking experience.

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TSE's Mission Statement

To be the one-stop source for entertainment services for small to medium size events and venues

Responsive, Transparent and Honest in dealing with those we serve.

TSE Key Team Members

Our key team members have over 175 years of music business experience. We see our job as earning your trust and keeping your interests at the heart of what we do. We look to keep you as a client for many years to come. That’s why we’re still here 43 years after our founding.
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Mike Black

Mike has been on all sides of the music industry for over three decades. Once a traveling musician booked by TSE, he understands the Business both from a performer’s perspective and agency viewpoint.
TSE Entertainment|Company Info

Bob Brecht, Ph.D.

Managing Partner-Operations

Doctor Bob brings a diverse background in production, marketing, and business management to his position as Managing Partner of TSE Entertainment. His responsibilities include overseeing TSE’s services other than talent booking. He also manages the marketing and business operations side of TSE.

During his 30-plus year professional career, he has

  • Chaired regional, national, and international conferences with educational, social, and entertainment components.
  • Produced festivals for clients, including managing complex, multiple-stage events with exhibitors, vendors, community engagement, sponsorship assets, etc.
  • Provided business planning and marketing consulting services to a variety of businesses, including writing business and marketing plans.
  • Directed a communications department with 103 employees encompassing all aspects of media and communication services.
  • Executive produced television documentaries and a syndicated music festival television program series.
  • Served in C-suite roles in two digital advertising/marketing agencies and several startup companies.
  • Served as one of two consultants for AT&T clients dealing with eHealth delivery issues.

Bob takes great pride in developing programs and events. He enjoys helping to guide people new to the entertainment industry to achieve their objectives. He likes challenges and helping clients discover their own talents for holding entertainment events.

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Glenda Black

Managing Partner - Bookings
Glenda is a go-getter. She accomplishes long-term relationships through being transparent, highly accessible, friendly, flexible, & an extremely hard worker. She not only saves our clients money but also saves them time & headaches. And she’s an Aggie-Class of 2000.
TSE Entertainment|Company Info

Steve Wilson

Director of Corporate Sponsorships
A veteran and pioneer in Live Entertainment sponsorships, Steve Wilson has worked with some of the biggest brands in the advertising industry. Creating long-term partnership agreements on the local, regional and national stage including naming rights, pouring rights, concert presenting rights, Broadway name in title rights and brand introductions. He created some of the first name in title sponsorships as part of the national Broadway touring presenting subscription program with Broadway Across America. He sold the naming rights for the hugely successful Smart Financial Center at Sugar Land which was named by Pollstar as one of the top venues in the World in 2018. Steve is excited to join the TSE team.
Ray Massie TSE team

Ray Massie

Sponsorship Development Consultant

Ray brings a wide range of backgrounds to TSE’s sponsorship program. From running radio stations in the biggest U.S. markets, creating and selling millions of dollars in sponsorship programs in the fair and festival niche, running the booking operations for a 12,000-seat arena, and producing a weekly TV program, Ray is focused on sponsor delivery and improving venue revenue performance. His thorough understanding of all aspects of sponsorship and events makes him adept at discovering, cultivating, and selling undervalued event assets.

John Carboy TSE Team

John Carboy

Marketing Manager
Johnny is a marketing expert with over 15 years of experience in digital advertising and media buying with a deep passion for music and supporting artists and events. In addition to music and live event marketing, he has driven over $250M in revenue through innovative campaigns for small enterprises to national brands. He combines creative and data-driven strategies to boost brand visibility and engagement.
Kassie Rae Phillips

Kassie Rae Phillips

Social Media

Kassie heads our team of talented professionals that work to promote TSE and the events we help create. Her background includes years of digital marketing and graphic design experience for various industries. With a dedicated work ethic and a deep-seeded passion for music, she brings enthusiasm to her role and team.

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Erin Cameron

Lead Booking Agent

Erin has over 20 years experience in the entertainment business as a performer, band manager, live event producer, marketing director, casting and talent scout. She has worked with new and established top artists in the tween, adult pop and rock genres since the early 2000s. Now based in NYC, she is excited to join TSE as the Northeast rep!

Matt Jessup

Matt Jessup

On-Site Logistics Manager
Matt has had a lifelong passion for music and a has full understanding of the complexities of putting on a GREAT Show! He has been with TSE now for over 3 years and has managed a multitude of concerts. He is a great asset of TSE and you will love working with Matt at your event.

Andrea Adames

Talent Booking Assistant & Event Production

Initiated in the industry as a Dancer and transitioned to Event Production and Technician. Having the opportunity to work in large, medium-scale events such as concerts, award shows, corporate and social events.

Passionate and persistent in the goals seeking, working hard until the goal is reached. Once it’s achieved, on to the next challenge.

Cory Powell

Cory Powell

Southeast Agent

Cory has spent over 10 years in the live entertainment and events industry. He’s worked with venues of all sizes and types, representing internationally touring productions and festivals.

Dan Fleming

Dan Fleming

Event Production
With over 15 years of experience in the live music industry, Dan brings his talent for live music production and sound engineering to the TSE Entertainment team.
TSE Entertainment|Company Info

David "Dax" Robertson

Booking Agent
Dax Robertson is a 30+ year veteran of the entertainment industry, Having toured and played live music for 33 years and been a talent booking agent in Texas for 29 years, Dax brings genuine passion and expertise to TSE! 
Jace Miller

Jace Miller

Northeast Booking Agent
Jace carries with him over two decades of music industry experience as a touring musician, booking agent, talent buyer, artist manager, tour manager, artist marketing representative, and music director. Combining that with his education in Music Performance and Arts Management, Jace understands the relationships from different perspectives to ensure your success. Hailing from Philly, he’ll also field any cheesesteak questions you may have.
Louie Sonugan

Louie Sonugan

Web Developer / On-Page SEO Specialist
Louie Sonugan is a gifted web developer responsible for development and optimization of TSE’s Internet presence. His youth belies his incredible talents in helping TSE reach across the globe via the Internet.
Linda Arlitt

Linda Arlitt

Contracts & Payments

Linda, with her years of experience, brings persistence and organization in dealing with agents, clients, and artists to get contracts executed quickly, accurately, and efficiently. She is an essential part of the TSE team.

Tiernie Bauer team graphic

Tiernie Bauer


Tiernie Bauer is a seasoned bookkeeper and self-proclaimed “Numbers Nerd”.  Her experience includes managing the overall financial data, journal enteries and company reports.  Her commitment to providing excellent services for over 15 years helps TSE create and build a better business.

When she is not crunching the numbers, this music apreciando is out supporting musicians and live music. She knows how to bring the magic to the people as she has managed production at music festivals and and local events for over 16 years.

Mark Nix

Mark Nix

Booking Agent
Mark Nix is a seasoned veteran in the music industry with 40 yrs experience playing, setting up and advancing shows. Mark has keen eye on what every client is looking for .With A BS in music he understands what music is all about and is looking forward to helping clients have an amazing experience in all aspects of the booking process.
Nancy King

Nancy King

Booking Agent
Nancy King has extended experience in the Entertainment, Public Relations, Promotions, Sales and Marketing fields that has allowed her to cultivate the art of keeping customers / clients satisfied. She’s been fortunate enough to be successful in the corporate world as well as running her own entertainment management / promotions business. All this experience together has already enhanced many aspects of her life and she’s looking forward to being involved in even more successful entertainment endeavors.
Mike Sandberg

Mike Sandberg

Original founder of TSE and booked for 35 or more years. Mike is a well known individual in the music business.
Audrey Garza TSE team

Audrey Garza

Talent Booking Intern
Audrey is a senior at the University of Texas at Austin studying Music with a minor in Arts and Management. She aspires to work in the talent industry, managing live music. She is currently involved in student organizations at her university, such as being President for the American Choral Directors Association Student Chapter and Co-Executive of the Guest Artist and Events Committee for UT Austin’s Cohen New Works Festival. She highly enjoys the music scene in Austin, TX, and takes part in attending and volunteering at concerts and festivals, such as Austin City Limits and SXSW. Being a musician herself, she loves to find new artists from all genres to see and experience live.”
Isabel von Mende TSE Intern

Isabel von Mende

Promotion Intern

Isabel von Mende is an aspiring music industry professional based in Los Angeles. She is currently a rising Senior Management student at Boston College with a concentration in Marketing and a minor in Art History. She has just completed her semester studying abroad in Milan, Italy at Università Cattolica del Sacro Cuore. She is highly involved on campus in student organizations, and she is Operations Director for WZBC BC Radio Station, Social Chair for EcoPledge (BC’s largest sustainability club), and Communications Director for the Transfer Ambassador Program.  She has a great love of music, developed by her eight years as a disc jockey!

TSE Entertainment|Company Info

Saee Patil

Cybersecurity Intern
Saee is a graduate student studying cybersecurity policy remotely with Brown University. Previously, she was an undergraduate student at Cornell. She is currently located in Miami, and is surrounded by the Miami musical scene! She loves running into musicians, rappers, and various other entertainers in the industry. Saee is interested in the marriage of technology and music; the emerging market consisting of AI generated music, auditory augmented reality, and virtual reality concerts piques her curiosity. She is looking forward to gaining experience this summer writing articles on cybersecurity as it pertains to the live music industry!
Samuel Londono TSE team

Samuel Londono

Promotion Intern
Sam is currently a senior at the University of Missouri, majoring in International Business. He is eager to gain experience in the entertainment industry, particularly in talent booking and marketing. Sam has a background in digital marketing, with experience servicing touring shows, venues, nightlife, and large festivals. He is actively involved in his local community, having served as an intramural officer for his fraternity and an officer of the electronic music organization. Originally from Bogotá, Colombia, Sam immigrated to the U.S. at the age of 9. His diverse cultural experiences have fostered an appreciation for all genres of music, with electronic music being his favorite.”

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