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Since 1975, TSE has been booking both up-and-coming artists as well as the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including tribute bands

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We help make corporate events, private parties, fairs, festivals, public concerts, and other gala occasions reach their potential by providing the tribute artists who make your guests glad they came. From booking the best in entertainment that fits your budget and audience, to coordinating all aspects of the performance, TSE works for you to make sure your show goes off smoothly.

Peace of Mind

We complement your team to do whatever is necessary to make the performance a success. It’s as simple as that! We know what it takes. After all, we’ve been doing it for over 40 years. That’s why some of our clients have been using us for close to 30 years, many for close to 20 years. Why? Because we stand behind our services and seek to build long term relationships with clients based on trust.

No Risk

Our services are free until we book the tribute acts you want. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting us working for you. Fill out our Inquiry Form to learn more about how we can help you. Provide the information requested, and one of our agents will get back to you within hours to learn more and assist you.

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James Lann

James Lann

Tracy Byrd

Tracy Byrd

Rick Trevino

Rick Trevino

Peterson Brothers

Peterson Brothers

Here's what our clients say

“I’ve used TSE Entertainment on multiple occasions and recently worked with them with 4 tribute bands for the Veranda Vibes event. The bands were great, the audience loved them and TSE did a turn key concert for this. I wouldn’t hesitate to use TSE again for my events, whether it’s tribute bands or other live music entertainment. The people were professional and make the entertainment portion of the event easy for me.”  

                                                      Lynda Winne, Owner, AtG Productions, LLC.

Featured Tribute Artists and Bands

They look, act and sound like the real deal...we book only the best.

Don't see who you are looking for here? Don't worry... we can get the tribute band you want.

Country Tribute Artists

Tribute to Alan Jackson

The man behind Legend’s Alan Jackson, is a humble soul named Doug Brewin. Like most high caliber musicians, Brewin got his start early in life.

Tribute to Brooks & Dunn

Doug Brewin and Larry Turner are seasoned performers with Legends in Concert.

Carrie Underwood Tribute

If you love Carrie Underwood, you will love Felice Garcia

Country Artists Tribute

These are the top Country Tribute Acts in one place.

Country Tribute

Paying tribute to many Country Artists.

Chance Tinder & Kentucky Rain

Celebrating the Music of Elvis Presley, Country Style!

Eric Church Tribute

A Tribute to Eric Church featuring Frank Garrett is part of the Country Artists Tribute show.

Garth Brooks Tribute

The Only Garth on Legends in Concert Roster.

George Jones Tribute

Never has an artist captured the very essence, chemistry and mannerism of this world-famous celebrity, Mr. George Jones!

George Strait Tribute

Featuring Derek Spence with Southern County Line, this is the top “George Strait Tribute” Act in the United States

Gretchen Wilson Tribute

Stacey Whitton Summers captures the look, sound and the attitude of Gretchen Wilson.

Hank Williams Jr Tribute

The One and Only Ultimate Hank Williams Jr. Tribute Show!

Jason Aldean Tributes

Jason Aldean Tributes

Browse our Jason Aldean Tribute acts below.

Keith Urban Tribute

URBAN SKIES is the next best thing to a Keith Urban show

Kenny Chesney Tribute

A Tribute to Kenny Chesney featuring Keith Ormrod is part of the Country Artists Tribute show

Tribute to Kenny Rogers

One entertainer that epitomizes and personalizes those descriptors is “The Gambler” Kenny Rogers.

Jason Aldean Tributes

The Ultimate Aldean: The nation’s # 1 Jason Aldean Tribute

Aldean All Night

When you come to see an Aldean All Night Tribute show, you’re getting the next best thing!

Martina McBride Tribute

Stacey Whitton Summers captures the look, sound and the attitude of Martina McBride.

Patsy Cline Tribute

Kelley Peters as Patsy Cline is a crowd favorite in Texas.

Shania Twain Tribute

Stacey Whitton Summers captures the look, sound and the attitude of Shania.

Taylor Swift Tribute

Sarah Jessica wows her audiences as Taylor Swift.

Toby Keith Tribute

A Tribute to Toby Keith featuring Mike Sugg is part of the Country Artists Tribute show

Waylon Jennings Tribute

The Perfect Waylon Jennings Tribute Show.

Willie Nelson Tribute

If you love Willie Nelson, you will love Jimmie Wilson.

TSE'S Country Music Tribute Experience

Rock/Pop Tribute Artists

60's Tribute Band

The Ultimate 60’s Tribute Band

80's Rock Tribute Bands

80's Rock Tribute Bands

The ultimate rock tribute that plays all of the biggest hits from the 1980s.

90's Rock Tribute Band

Stars Over Seattle

The ultimate ’90s tribute to Seattle’s Best

Abba Tribute

Go back to the days when ABBA ruled the music world.

AC/DC Tribute

AC/DC fans across America just can’t get enough of The Jack!

Adele Tribute

JC’s Tribute to Adele is America’s #1 Adele tribute show!

Alanis Morissette Tribute

Alaniz is the premier Alanis Morissette Tribute band.

Allman Bros Tribute

Witness the amazing recreation of The Allman Brothers Band taking the stage, March 1971.

Bad Company Tribute

The national premier tribute to Bad Company.

Band Tribute

Experience The Band from their early days to their final farewell concert.

Beach Boys Tribute

Beach Boys Tribute

Not just a tribute, but an authentic beach boys experience!

Beatles Tributes

Beatles Tributes

Browse the Beatles Tributes.

Billy Joel Tributes

Billy Joel Tributes

Browse our Billy Joel tribute acts.

Bob Dylan Tribute

An authentic recreation of Bob Dylan as we remember him most from the 60’s and 70’s.



World’s Best Beatles Tribute Band



A multi-media spectacle that takes you on musical journey of the world’s most celebrated band.



If you’re a Billy Joel fan, you’re ALREADY a Turnstiles fan.

Shades of Billy

Shades of Billy

A Musical Tribute to Billy Joel.

British Rock Invasion of the '60s & '70s Tribute

Premier Tribute to the British Rock Invasion of the early Sixties and Seventies.

Bruno Mars Tribute

Ultimate Bruno Mars Tribute Band

Buddy Holly & Friends Tribute: Not Fade Away

This is NOT your typical Holly Tribute! What a Fun Group!

Carole King Tribute

The Premier musical tribute to Carole King.

Cars Tribute Band

Seeing Heartbeat City is as close as you can come to seeing an 80’s Cars concert.

Classic Rock Tribute

Classic Rock Tribute

A premier tribute band to the Classic Rock Legends.

Creedence Clearwater Revival Tribute

You will be bowled over and singing along with this authentic tribute to CCR

Diana Ross Tribute

She brings class, sass and sparkle to events of all sizes as the legendary Diana Ross.

Divas N Diamonds

Their show is filled with comedy, audience participation and incredible DIVA vocals!

Donna Summer Tributes

Donna Summer Tributes

Browse to our Tribute to Donna Summer acts.

Doors Tribute Band

The premiere Doors tribute show



ON THE RADIO is A Tribute Show to the Queen of Disco Donna Summer.

Marva Scott

Marva Scott

A spot-on lookalike and soundalike that perfectly portrays the Queen of Disco herself.

The Ultimate Eagles Tribute

Using no backing tracks or harmonizers, 7 Bridges faithfully re-creates the experience of an Eagles concert from the band’s most prolific period.

Earth, Wind & Fire Tribute

The best Earth Wind and Fire Tribute Band.

Elton John Tribute

The Ultimate Tribute to Elton John

Elvis Presley Tribute

Chance is a multi-award winning “Elvis Presley Tribute Artist” with more than 25 years in the “Elvis Entertainer Business”.

Fleetwood Mac Tribute

The most authentic visual and musical tribute to Fleetwood Mac.

George Michael Tribute

This is the ultimate George Michael Experience.

Gloria Estefan Tribute

A Tribute Show to Gloria Estefan & Miami Sound Machine

Goo Goo Dolls Tribute

Nations Only Goo Goo Dolls Tribute

Guns N' Roses Tribute: Appetite 4 Destruction

The highest audience drawing tribute to Guns N’ Roses on the entire West Coast.

Hair Metal Tribute

Hair Metal Tribute

A Tribute to 80s Rock

Hall and Oates Tribute

The music of Daryl Hall and John Oates.

Heart Tributes

Browse our Tribute to Heart acts.

Even It Up

Even it Up

Experience the intricate vocals and instrumentals of Heart across the decades.

Just Heart

Just Heart

Relive Heart’s Glory Years with Their Epic Show.

History of Rock & Soul

The Ultimate Rock and Soul Adventure.

Huey Lewis & the News Tribute

A top notch show bringing together all of the hits from Huey Lewis & the News and the 80’s

Janis Joplin Tribute

There is no comparable Janis Joplin Tribute. Period!

Jimi Hendrix Tribute

The world can never again experience Jimi Hendrix in live performance, but Randy Hansen is the next best thing.

Jimi Hendrix - Janis Joplin Tour

One-of-a-kind show that will thrill audiences featuring the World’s Greatest Tributes Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin.

Jimmy Buffett Tribute - Lost Shaker of Salt

A musical journey to the islands and the songs of Jimmy Buffett

Joe Cocker Tribute

The incredible musicality of a Joe Cocker show.

Mirror of Mathis

David Robbins’ remarkable resemblance and vocals will make you think you are seeing Johnny Mathis himself.

Jon Bon Jovi Tribute

Their drive, musical ability, showmanship and dedication to duplicating the Bon Jovi live experience simply cannot be outdone.

Journey Tributes

Journey Tributes

Browse our Tribute to Journey acts.

Almost KISS

The nation’s most sought after KISS Tribute Band.

Lady Gaga Tribute

Get ready to marry the night in this spectacular tribute to Lady Gaga.



The gold standard by which all Journey tributes are measured.



Eclipse, one of the top Journey tribute bands, will give you a “blast from the ROCK past” with all of Journey’s hits.

Journey USA

Journey USA

The Most Talented & Entertaining Journey Tribute Available.

Led Zeppelin Tributes

Browse our Led Zeppelin Tribute acts.

Linda Ronstadt Tributes

Browse our Linda Ronstadt tribute acts.

Matchbox Twenty Tribute

Matchbox Twenty Too comes to you with a note-for-note, energetic show, guaranteed to impress!

Get Closer!

Ultimate Linda Ronstadt Tribute

Ronstadt Revival

Ronstadt Revival

Tribute to a legend.



Mothership goes to great lengths to recreate the authentic feel of a Zeppelin concert.

The Zeppelin IV

Channeling the true spirit and sound of a real Led Zeppelin show.

Metallica Tribute

: The foremost Metallica tribute band in the United States.

Michael Jackson Tribute

The only tribute artist personally selected by Michael Jackson for an event in a signed statement.

Motley Crue Tribute

Motley 2 is the premiere, internationally touring tribute to Motley Crue.

Ozzy Osborne Tributes

Ozzy Osborne Tributes

Browse our Tribute to Ozzy Osborne acts.

Crazy Babies

Crazy Babies

Crazy Babies is the United States’ #1 premier Ozzy Osbourne tribute band!

Little Ozzy

Little Ozzy

The Nation’s biggest Ozzy Osbourne tribute band with the shortest frontman (4’8″ tall)!

Peace of Woodstock

A Tribute to the three days of Peace, Music, Love, and Fun!

Phil Collins Tribute

The Ultimate Phil Collins Tribute

Pink Floyd Tribute

Pink Floyd Tribute

The Pink Floyd Band Tribute formed by a group of talented musicians and singers who love the music of Pink Floyd.

Prince Tributes

Prince Tributes

Celebrate The Man, The Myth, The Legend of The artist known as Prince.

Prince Tribute

Celebrate The Man, The Myth, The Legend of The artist known as Prince.

Paizley Park

Paizley Park channels the incredible energy, emotion, fashion and timeless music that made The Purple One into an international icon.

Purple Reign

Purple Reign

Featuring Jason Tenner as Prince, Purple Reign has risen to international acclaim and recognition as the world’s #1 Prince Tribute.

Prince Project Band

Experience the most authentic “Prince” lead performer in the country!

Queen Tribute Band

Using the music and visuals of a live Queen show as the template.

Rage Against The Machine Tribute

Rage Against The Machine Tribute

The ultimate tribute to the Rage Against the Machine Band.


The Ultimate Ramones Experience

La Bamba

This high energy dance party mixes the music of Ritchie Valens with some of the greatest 50’s Rock ‘n’ Roll hits of all time!

Rolling Stones Tribute

Mick Adams is truly the world’s greatest Mick Jagger impersonator!

Tribute to Santana

With great passion and precision, SOUL SACRIFICE faithfully recreates the music of the legendary band SANTANA.

Selena Tributes

Selena Tributes

Karla Perez has become one of the most popular Selena impersonators in the country.

Smashing Pumpkins Tribute

Smashing Pumpkins classic songs with the flair and intensity that one would expect at a Pumpkins show

Karla Perez

Karla Perez has become one of the most popular Selena impersonators in the country.

Almost Selena

Almost Selena

Soothing yet power vocal tribute that truly respects all that Selena has done.

Cristina Amaro

Cristina Amaro

High energy & interactive Selena tribute.

Steely Dan Tribute

Amazing 11-Piece Steely Dan Tribute

Stevie Nicks Tribute

Gypsy provides the most authentic Stevie Nicks -Fleetwood Mac tribute you will find anywhere.

Styx Tribute Band

America’s #1 Tribute to Classic STYX.

Tina Turner Tribute

A must see tribute to the queen of Rock N’ Roll, Tina Turner.

The Damn Torpedoes

The Damm Torpedoes recreate the sound and feel of one of rock’s greatest bands; Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers.

Toto Tribute

Authentic Toto Experience.

U2 Tribute

This show is as close as you can get, aside from hiring the real U2.

Van Morrison Tribute

A Spot On Celebration of the Music of Van Morrison

Whitesnake Tribute

The closest you’ll get to seeing a Whitesnake concert live!

WHO Tribute

The Who Invasion bring the full live experience of one of rock’s greatest acts to stages across America. .

Yes Tribute

A Tribute to the Music of Yes

ZZ Top Tribute

Having played around the entire country, ZZ’s Best is THE tribute that gets return visits to all the venues they play!


More details: Booking Services

  • Learning about, answering questions and informing you about the performance issues associated with your kind of event.
  • Working with you to determine your specific wishes and then using our resources, working with your staff, to assure that they are carried out.
  • Matching local, regional, and national live entertainment artists to your budget, wishes and audience demographic. Once you approve recommended artists, TSE will:
  • Negotiate fees, contracts and riders, keeping your wishes and budgets in mind.
  • Provide artist publicity materials, including photos, bios, and other promotion materials to market your event.
  • Coordinate all arrangements for the music entertainment at your events.
  • Provide on-site team member to handle entertainer logistics.
  • Work with your staff and artists until completion of the performance

Optional Services

For a full list, see Concert Support Services

  • Event production & management
  • Marketing & promotion
  • Event website & social media presence & marketing
  • Staging, sound equipment, lighting, staffing
  • Video/photography event recording/post production

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