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Tribute Bands: How to Book the Best

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Booking tribute bands has been a trending idea for a few years now for live entertainment for many types of events. Tribute bands are musicians that emulate the persona of famous artists in pop culture. They adopt the music, sound, looks and even the mannerisms of the group or artist they are portraying. They are a great change and add a lot of flair over using a cover band for a party or corporate event. Imagine your guests having a chance to experience what is was like to see an artist that they never got to see.

abba tribute bandEveryone dreams of booking a genuinely great and renowned artist for their event. Imagine ABBA playing at your special occasion?   There are many obstacles to that happening. Obviously, the biggest is money for those still playing gigs. Other issues can be that the artist is no longer performing, may have died or is not available for your event. The bigger the artist, the more difficult it is to book them, even if you have set aside enough money for their performance fee. You should also know that the performance fee may only represent a portion of the money required for them to perform. They travel with large entourages and their production needs are great.

Tribute bands are a great alternative to booking the real thing. When you book tribute bands your audience will get an experience that is close to the real thing without the real costs involved. Why hire a cover band if your audience’s demographics would work for a tribute band or artist?

Knowing your audience is key no matter if you hire a tribute band, cover band or even someone playing on the radio for your event. For example, if your audience consists of millennials who like country music, then a Keith Urban tribute band would be better than a Johnny Cash tribute artist. If your audience will consist of a wide range of ages, then your choice is to either pick a tribute band to an artist who’s career has spanned decades or a cover band that can play music covering a number of decades. You might consider a Jimmy Buffet tribute as an example of a performer who appeals to many ages.

What Makes Great Tribute Bands?

Great tribute bands will make clients imagine that they are watching the real deal instead of a tribute artist. When booking a tribute band be sure to look for those that truly create the feeling of being at a concert with the original artist.

A great tribute band will have outstanding musicians, great stage presence and will make the audience part of the show. The audience should feel like they are truly at a concert of the original artist and are really into the music and the performance.

Questions to Ask When Booking Tribute Bands

  1. Is it easy to access their music and find their content?

Any established tribute artist will make it easy to access their content, be it a Facebook page, another social media platform or a website of their own. They should also have their own YouTube channel. When viewing their information, it should be easy to find live performance videos, their song list or audio recordings, professional high-resolution photos, and their contact booking information. If the band has established a name, a social media following and their performances are easily accessible, then you can be better assured that they are good artists. Nothing replaces seeing them live so check their upcoming concert schedules to see if they will be performing near you.

  1. Do they have their own equipment?

A professional band should be capable of providing their own production equipment, This is especially important for private parties and corporate events.  Many tribute bands will use the same instruments and backline equipment as the artist they represent. You want quality PAs, instruments, amps and mics. For many events, backline equipment as well as sound, lights and staging can be rented with companies that provide concert equipment. This ensures that your clients will be getting a quality performance.

  1. Do they have customer reviews and testimonials?

Even after viewing their live performance videos and listening to their music on streaming services, it is still important to know how their past customers responded to them. These reviews and testimonials are extremely important because not only does it speak to the talent of the tribute band, it speaks to the character of the musicians.

The testimonials will explain whether they were punctual, if they were kind to the customers, how they conduct themselves on stage. It’s more than simply asking were they good or bad, it’s asking if they were decent to work with and worth hiring.

You can also ask for references and their contact information so you can talk to someone as to how they did and would they hire them again.

What can we offer you at TSE?

Here at TSE we have a wide range of tribute bands and artists on our roster. They include most  genres of music. We are a tribute band booking agency that prides ourselves on truly having something for everyone to enjoy on our roster. Our roster of featured tribute bands includes professional tribute artists such as who portray Taylor Swift, Diana Ross, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Prince, Selena, Fleetwood Mac, Metallica, Adele, Shania Twain and many others. From pop, to rock, to Motown, to country, to classic rock; it is easy to find quality tribute bands on the TSE Entertainment roster.

Book tribute bands with TSE!

The next time you are considering a form of live entertainment for a corporate event, private party, wedding, or any type of event, consider tribute bands. A tribute band or artist will provide a memorable experience for everyone involved.

There are many examples of how tribute bands contribute to successful concerts, parties and events. If you need to book entertainment in the future, consider contacting a tribute band booking agency like TSE Entertainment.  Our roster can satisfy even the pickiest of music fans.

TSE stands behind its 45 years of hard work. Clients have been coming back for our services for decades and we’ve been booking entertainment, including tribute acts since 1975.

If you need help finding an artist we can also help with that with our risk free services. It is free to use until we book the entertainer you want.


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