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6 Factors to Consider When Looking for Event Entertainment

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Invited guests attend events for various reasons, but one thing is for sure―they stay because of the entertainment. If you plan to organize an event anytime soon and make it memorable, invest in quality entertainment. The kind of entertainment you provide could determine how successful your occasion will be. 

It is also crucial to know the essential factors you need to consider when coordinating the entertainment. Here are some questions you can ask yourself to determine what type of entertainment your event needs. 

1: How much is your budget?

Setting a limit on your budget would help you manage your expenses. It would also scale down your options, which can be a good thing when looking for an entertainer. It would be best if you determine and consider this factor from the start. When ignored, you could end up getting overwhelmed with the talent fees required by many bands.  

Tip: If entertainment is a crucial element in the event, make sure to invest in something impressive. After all, the feelings your audience gets from the event are something that they will not forget for a long while. Set your event budget based on your priorities, and start planning. 

2: What is the event’s theme?

Another way to narrow your options is by determining the theme. Different themes call for different kinds of entertainment. If you have a disco-themed party, hiring a Disco Tribute band can liven up the shindig. If your theme is a circus, you can hire magicians, clowns, or specialty acts. If you have a 1950s themed party, hire a band that does rock and roll and can cover major crooners of the day. 

3: Who are you entertaining?

Make sure also to identify and research your audience. That is how you can pinpoint what type of entertainment your guests would love. For example, if your circus-themed party is meant for kids, perhaps hiring a clown is a better option than hiring an illusionist. If they are accompanied by their parents, getting a specialty act would give them a show that both audiences can enjoy. 

4: Where will the event take place?

The event location might also set some limits depending on the act. If you are hiring a band, they will be using musical instruments and a sound system. They would need an area for setting everything up. The same goes for a Vegas-themed party or a hired DJ. Make sure you know what types of local production, props or equipment your talents need, so you can confirm with the venue before you proceed with the negotiations. Ask potential bands for their technical rider so you can assess their needs.

5: What is the reputation of your options?

You probably have a shortlist of entertainers for consideration. You can narrow this down better by doing some more research about them. Look up what people have been saying about their performances. Check videos of their works to see if they appeal to you. Find their social media pages and see more of their performances. If they are playing near you, go see them perform in front of an audience and how they interact with the audience. This step would help you ensure that your chosen entertainers would meet your audience’s expectations.

6: What fees do you need to pay?

Setting a budget is different from the actual fee you need to pay. Make sure you ask your entertainers everything you need to know about their service. 

Some entertainers would ask for more than their entertainment fees, especially if the event requires them to travel far. They might ask for food allowance, travel allowance, accommodation fees, and other similar fees. These requests are part of the hospitality rider that each band will have. Request a copy and make sure you put all these into your budget to avoid surprises later. Remember everything is negotiable!


Hiring entertainment is not as simple as Googling an act and then booking them on the date. It is a process to ensure that everything is well-thought-out for the event. In the music business this is called “advancing the show.” If everything goes well, your audience will love your chosen entertainment without exceeding the project’s budget. 

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