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Corporate Entertainment Agency: Only One Needed

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Hiring a corporate entertainment agency to provide live entertainment performances helps a host spruce up a large gathering or corporate event, whether it be a party, wedding, or a corporate occasion. A live band can add a unique element to the party that will leave guests impressed and wanting more. Specifically for corporate events, it is essential for attendees — who may be potential clients or business partners — to be wowed as to maintain a positive reputation. Adding entertainment to corporate occasions can also be utilized to break up the events of an evening to prevent it from dragging out, or to facilitate audience interaction that may serve as an icebreaker as well. This leaves the task of booking entertainment for corporate events an important and sometimes daunting undertaking.

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Event Planners Should Partner With an Entertainment Booking Agency

Event planners are typically masters of securing a venue, coordinating the seating charts and decorations, developing the menu and handling the logistics for events. These elements are crucial to a successful event and require ample attention to detail. Depending on the type of event and audience demographics, event planners may not only lack the required entertainment expertise, but time and resources to be able to effectively book a live performance to push their event to the next level. Specifically with corporate events, planners may be dealing with different guest lists, complex entertainment needs, and large venues that require more resources for proper execution. This is to no fault of the planners and is actually great reasoning for why event planners work with entertainment booking agencies as part of their team!

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While an event planner is busy making their corporate event the best it can be, it can be a major load off of their shoulders to work with a booking agency to take care of the entertainment side. There are many elements to booking entertainment that someone may not consider that can make it time consuming and tedious. Firstly, sufficient research must be conducted on potential entertainers. This includes learning about the act’s past performances to see if their experience aligns with the nature of your event, looking at demo videos, and their different performance options. This information may be available on a performance group’s website, or an inquiry may have to be filled out. Knowing where to look for live performers suitable for corporate events can help minimize the trial and error with this research but can be best executed by an entertainment booking agency that has a well-established clientele base to pick from. They will already be well-versed in their client’s information. With a long history of corporate entertainment booking, they are better positioned to choose a performance group that properly suits an event’s needs efficiently.

Once the entertainer has been selected, an entertainment booking agency will know how to handle next steps and what key questions to ask in order to ensure that the performance goes smoothly. Coordinating equipment setup, potential playlists, and payment advances is essential. In the industry, this is called advancing the show. A full-service entertainment agency can also provide expertise in the production components to ensure a no-hiccups performance that leaves the audience in awe. An agency that has significant history in corporate entertainment can provide these services and more so the event planner can focus on their already long list of tasks. This can also save money by reducing the amount of time and effort their staff must put into the event and the resources that must be acquired.

TSE Entertainment Is a Full-Service Entertainment Company

While an entertainment booking agency has the ability to effectively execute corporate entertainment, a full-service entertainment company can go above and beyond. TSE actively participates in event production to whatever level is needed by the client to assure that things will go smoothly. With TSE involved in the production process, both the event planner and client can have peace of mind, knowing that the show will have professional entertainment producers handling all details of the entertainment portion of the event. It’s the little details that make a good show a great show.

TSE anticipates potential problems and plans for them. After all, in our 46 years of corporate entertainment booking, we seen it all. We handle any contract negotiation and advancements that may occur, so an event planner doesn’t have to sweat it. Tailoring the performance to your event’s specific needs and providing an on-site team member to handle logistics are just some of the perks that come with booking through TSE. Additional optional services that we provide include event promotion and social media presence, staging, sound equipment, lighting, and staffing. TSE can even do videography/photography of the event. We also work to give corporate event planners the most affordable pricing possible to give you a proper bang for your buck! We work as part of their team.


Whether you are looking for a live party band, dance group, magician, acrobat, or another form of entertainment, TSE can provide top grade options for your client. TSE can be hired by an event planning company or a corporation that plans to put on an event to handle both the entertainment and other aspects of an event. After all, TSE produces whole festivals that involve everything associated with it.

From taking the weight off of an event planner’s shoulders to negotiating the best pricing due to years of experience and relationship building, TSE will not hesitate to make your event exactly what you dreamt it to be. Don’t hesitate for the chance to have some peace of mind while planning your corporate event’s live entertainment. Contact us today!

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