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Booking Country Music: Start Here

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The key to booking country music, not only in Texas but nationally and internationally, is finding the right type of venue. So, what types of venues make a good fit for this particular genre of music?

Fairs & Festivals – Fairs & festivals are a prime target for booking country music!  Every small town and big city across the state host this type of yearly event or events. Who doesn’t love parades, rodeos, carnival rides and games, cotton candy, cold beer and country music? Start by joining your state organizations to gain access to Fairs & Festivals resource and networking tools. The following first two are specific to Texas:

Resorts & Casinos, Opry Houses, & Theaters – Guests at resorts and casinos, opry houses, and theaters are there for one thing, and that is to be entertained. People want to escape from their worldly problems, and what better way to help them than a great live country music performance. Repeat business is what these venue owners want, and providing quality entertainment by booking country music will do just that!

Clubs & Dance Halls – Clubs and dance halls are the foundation of booking country music. Every artist has played this scene, and even those who are now “big time” still enjoy going back to the basics on occasion to watch their audience whirl and twirl to the rhythm of their tunes. From a slow waltz to a jitterbug to a good ol’ two step, the fact remains…people love to dance!

Chambers of Commerce – The town’s Chamber of Commerce may not hold their own events, but their members might, and they will gladly steer you toward them.

Civic Clubs – Rotary Clubs, Lion Clubs, Kiwanis Clubs etc. – These clubs have different events throughout the year that are always looking to book country music entertainment and more.

Celebrations & Other Events – Weddings, Corporate Events, Quinceañeras, Class Reunions, etc. – Everyone and anyone has attended a wedding or some other celebration event, and we all know that the band can potentially make or break the night. So, give them some fun boot-scootin’ boogie by booking country music that is a quality act!

But knowing the venue type alone is not enough. It’s just not that simple. You now have to gather venue lists. This can be accomplished in a few different ways. 1 – Buy marketing lists, 2 – Join organizations that have lists, 3 – Have connections that will share lists, 4 – Create your own lists through research. The latter is the most time intensive.

Next, you have to launch both an email and phone campaign. Now you have to hump it. If you don’t already know this, statistics show that with cold calls only 2 out of every 100 will say yes. Don’t get discouraged! Expect a no and celebrate when it’s a yes! And always remember a no today doesn’t mean a no tomorrow.

Finally, once you get your good name out there, the business will start rolling into you. Like we said in our last blog, nothing sells better than credibility, and nothing beats referrals and word of mouth recommendations. This is just one of the reasons as to why TSE Entertainment is the pinnacle of booking country music in the music industry. So now get out there, follow the TSE formula, and book country music that everyone will love and enjoy!

Glenda Black


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