event production

Event Production

With 47 Year of experience providing what artists need for their performances, TSE Entertainment can run all the local production elements for your concerts. We fulfill the artists’ technical rider needs and consult with them on technical issues for their performances. We supply the stage, sound system, lighting, and technicians to run what’s needed for any live entertainment event.

Providing the right stage, sound system and lighting is critical to the success of any performance

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There are fixed, temporary and mobile stages that come in a variety of sizes and features. Let TSE help you select the right stage for your show that meets the headliner’s technical requirements. We secure, set up, and maintain the stage until load out. We also provide stage accessories such as LED walls, banners, etc. Don’t overpay for a stage.
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Sound System

A PA sound system consists of inputs, amplifiers, speakers, sound console and an audio technician to make the sound just right for the artist and audience. The venue characteristics, size of audience, and type of music determine the sound system you need for your event. A sound system for a concert is geared to the needs of the headliner. Let TSE spec and provide the right sound system for your event.


The right lighting system can greatly increase the excitement of the concert performance.  There are many kinds of lighting instruments to fill different lighting needs for a performance. Let TSE determine the lighting needs of your event and provide the lighting system and lighting technician to make your live entertainment event exciting and memorable to all who see it.

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Producer - PoM Person at Performance

The next best thing to having TSE handle all your local production needs is having TSE’s PoM person on site to handle all the production and artists issues involved with your event. What’s a PoM Person you ask? It’s an experienced producer who becomes your liaison with all the contractors, artist representatives, and people involved with putting on the show, down to the stagehands. You get someone who knows every detail of what needs to be done and when during your event. Having a TSE Producer on site delivers Peace of Mind to those putting on the event. That’s why we call them PoM People.

TSE Entertainment|Concert Production

Providing the right stage, sound system and lighting is critical to the success of any performance

Other Local Production Services TSE Can Provide

  • Provide Performer Catering Requirements
  • Handle Performer Local Transportation
  • Securing and setting up of Green Room
  • Providing Backline
  • Providing Power Generators
  • Overseeing Load In and Load Out
  • Coordinating Sound Check
  • Handling Run-of-Show

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Concert Production
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