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Rick Trevino: Country Music Legend

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There you stand smiling at me, sunlight shining through your hair. There’s the door standing open, but no rush to go nowhere. I’m finding all I’ve searched for in this love we’ve begun. But girl I’m running out of reasons to run

If you were a country music fan in 1997, then you knew exactly what song those lyrics belonged to. Rick Trevino topped the U.S. Billboard Chart at No. 1 with “Running Out of Reasons to Run” on February 28, 1997. The song remained on the chart for another twenty-two weeks but was far from the only hit to come from country music legend, Rick Trevino.

Throughout his country music career, Rick produced numerous chart-topping hits, six of which made it to the top 10 of the Billboard Country Music Chart, and all of which were danced or sung along to by millions of country music lovers. What is more impressive, is that Rick also produced country music in both English and Spanish. His first single, “Just Enough Rope” was the first mainstream country single to feature separate English and Spanish versions. So how did such a 90’s country star come to be and where is he now?

Rick Trevino: From Piano Lessons to College Studies

Rick Trevino was born in Houston and grew up in Texas listening to his father play music. His father, Ricardo Trevino, was a Tejano musician who played in different regional bands in Houston. Rick later disclosed in an interview that, although it was inspiring to have been raised around music, it was not the type of music he loved, or ever wanted to play. Rick always loved country music.

“There’s a country music culture that comes with being from Texas. It is indigenous to the region. Country music has never been a musical fad or a specific genre of music there. It’s a way of life.” – Rick Trevino to All Country in 1995

With the inspiration from his father, and his musical skills he learned from the age of five playing classical piano, and later rhythm guitar and the keyboard, it is no surprise that he passed on a baseball scholarship with Memphis State University to study music at Texas A&M.

The First Record Deal

While attending college Rick regularly performed at a small honkytonk in Austin, Texas, and his talent and style of country quickly made him a local favorite. It was this residency and popularity that would position him to be discovered by a Columbia Records label representative from Boston that happened into the club one night. The rep did not see Rick perform, but he saw the articles clipped the club wall and was given a tape by the staff that was later passed to a producer at Columbia.

The Columbia Records producer loved what he heard, and traveled to Austin to see Rick perform live, shortly the producer offered to sign him.

This portion of Rick’s musical journey sounds like a dream, and for a young twenty-two-year-old with hopes to make it big, it was. However, once all of Columbia’s dotted lines were signed, Rick’s experience with the label was not everything he originally had in mind.

For whatever reason, as soon as the label signed Rick, they insisted that his first album be almost entirely in Spanish, even though Rick didn’t even speak the language, and despite the fact that… well it just wasn’t what Rick was doing. Rick Trevino’s love of music was country music, sung and written the way he originally performed it.

Rick rebelled against Columbia Records’ decision, but ultimately gave it a chance and set off on his track to learn Spanish.

After studying Spanish, he recorded his first album Dos Mundos. The album was certified gold, and his career was well on its way.

TSE Entertainment | Rick Trevino: Country Music Legend

The Music of Rick Trevino

His second album, Rick Trevino, was an English album that was also certified gold. Since 1993 Rick has released a total of nine studio albums and fourteen songs on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Some of which include:

‘She Can’t Say I Didn’t Cry’

‘Doctor Time’

‘Bobbie Ann Mason’

‘Learning As You Go’

‘I Only Get This Way With You’

TSE Entertainment | Rick Trevino: Country Music Legend

Over the years Rick Trevino has released several incredible hits, some of which have been “certified gold”. His album “Learning as You Go “released in 1996 featured his Billboard Number One single “Running Out of Reasons to Run” which also featured a separate Spanish and English version.

His latest album, which was released in 2017, Long Coyote Gone, features his single “Cowboys Like Me” which remained in the top 10 of Billboard’s Country Music chart for seven weeks. This album also featured his single “I’m a Mexican,” and was recorded with legendary Tejano artist Flaco Jimenez. “I’m a Mexican” is a declaration of Rick’s cultural heritage and a story about the struggles of an undocumented immigrant working in the U.S.

Rick Trevino may have started out as a country artist, but he has done an incredible job producing music for both the Country and Tejano music genres. His crossover talent continues to appeal to fans of both genres.

If you are a true fan of traditional country, it is highly likely that you’ve heard his name. He is one of the talented stars that pioneered a sound and has been providing us with charting songs since his career began, both in English and Spanish.  He continues to be in high demand by audiences for his music and live performances.

You can read more about Rick in his AllMusic profile

TSE Entertainment is proud to have Rick part of our roster of original artists. He continues to be a force in both the country music and Tejano music world. You can still book this great artist by visiting his artist page on the TSE website.

He is in high demand so if you want Rick Trevino at your event, don’t wait to contact us about booking this great artist.

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