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Up-and-Coming Country Artists in 2022

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Every year the world of country music welcomes new country artists with a fresh take on their version of country music today. Country music is growing more popular every year with many new country music artists creating new country music fans. Artists are mixing traditional country and the care-free views of outlaw country both musically and lyrically.

Interested in new country artists that are on the rise to book for an upcoming event? Here is our list of 4 up-and-coming Country Artists to be looking out for this year in Country music venues and radio stations.

Brittney Spencer

Brittney Spencer33-year-old Baltimore native Brittney Spencer launched her career in 2020 after releasing her first EP Compassion which hit over 3 million streams on Spotify. Spencer began singing at a young age and always knew she wanted to pursue music.

After moving to Nashville in 2013, the work towards becoming a name in country music began. From singing Texas Country on the Nashville’s Broadway sidewalks, to posting covers on social media, her hard work became recognized. After posting a cover of The Highwomen’s “Crowded Table” she really began to get noticed. Soon after posting, the video was recognized by the band themselves and Spencer was invited to perform alongside them.

Following the release of Compassion in 2020 Spencer has performed at the CMAs with Mickey Guyton and Madeline Edwards, has toured with Reba McEntire and Jason Isabelle, and is becoming an inspiration to black women perusing a career in Country Music. Be on the lookout for Brittney this year as she takes Texas Country by storm.

Dalton Dover

Dalton DoverSmall town Georgia native Dalton Dover has been unpretentiously making his way into the music industry after appearing on The Voice in 2019. After being eliminated from Blake Shelton’s team, Dover began working towards writing his own music and making a name for himself as a one of the latest crop of country artists.

Dalton began posting videos on TikTok which got him a following and soon released his popular singles “You Got a Small Town” and “Baby I Am” in 2021. Both songs performed exceptionally well on Spotify reaching 7 million streams and still going up.

The country sound comes from his humble beginnings in Polk County, Georgia. The mix of rural lyrics and powerful guitars brings listeners a fresh Texas Country sound that also stays in line with the classic elements of Country Music.

Now signed to Droptine Records and working with popular Country producer Matt McVaney, Dover is working his way up the totem pole of country artists to win fans over and become the next big thing in Country Music.

Drake Milligan

Drake MilliganFort-Worth native, Drake Milligan began his journey as a new country music artist when at 19 when he moved to Music City. Before releasing anything, Milligan learned from the country artists around him in the studio who were master performers.

He learned to write better by listening during co-writing sessions. He learned about producing country music recordings from his producer Tony Brown.

This songwriter knew he wanted to hone his craft as a country music artist. When the time came to release music, Milligan dropped his self-titled EP, Drake Milligan in 2021 that featured Texas Country music styled hits like “Over Drinkin’ Under Thinkin’” and “Sounds Like Something I’d Do”.

You can catch Drake opening for Dwight Yoakam on his 2022 tour as he gains his rightful following among the new breed of country music artists and brings the classic sound back to Country Music today.

Kat and Alex

Kat Luna and Alex GeorgiaThe newlywed Duo Kat Luna and Alex Georgia began their as country artists when they auditioned together for American Idol and made it to Hollywood. Since then, the duo has signed a recording contract with Sony Music Nashville and their careers are taking off fast.

They met when Kat saw Alex leading worship which eventually led to their digital love affair. Their music consists of stripped-down country love songs that bring in country music simplicity with a mix of popular country music elements.

The duo has yet to release a full album, but they do have plenty of singles on Spotify. Their most popular song being “How Many Times” with close to 10 million streams. It seems Kat and Alex are only starting their journey but already have so much success upon them. Is this the next big duo in Country Music? Keep a lookout this year because they are just a few of the many country music artists on the road to greater things.

New Country Artists Keep the “Country” in Country Music

These and other young artists mean that the future of country music and its many fans is in good hands. TSE Entertainment takes pride in booking many of the biggest country music artists over the years. We look forward to working with the next generation of country artists.


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