Picking Wedding Entertainment: Comparing Live Bands and DJs

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Covering all the logistical requirements for a wedding can be a migraine waiting to happen, especially if you’re the event organizer. Assigning tables and reserving catering services is just some of the problems you need to prepare for in advance.

Music is critical in supplementing the right mood of a wedding. Since it’s not viable to change costumes or set pieces, your guests will take social cues instead through their auditory senses. Like many items on your checklist, you’ll generally have to choose between several options before making your final pick. For example, live entertainment during weddings usually boils down to choosing between a live band or DJ.

What’s the value of hiring a live band?

Live bands are a treat to listen to and see perform, making them a two-in-one attraction at a wedding. It’s also standard for the band to look their best and observe your wedding attire guidelines, making them blend into the wedding’s theme. You can choose a general group that can perform simple renditions of your requested playlist. On the other hand, you can get a genre band that can spice up your wedding’s live entertainment. For example, you can either bring in a classical ensemble or a reggae troupe. Either option brings a unique blend of artistry to the occasion.

A live band’s primary advantage is its ability to stay spontaneous and exciting throughout the wedding ceremony. Besides following your requested playlist, a band can also shift their gear to take requests from other acts you have lined up, or from anyone in the crowd! This makes them adaptable in gauging the audience’s mood. Unfortunately, the apparent disadvantage of live bands is their high talent fees. They may also have specific logistical requirements you need to adapt to. Additionally, you need to add them to the headcount of people you have to feed.

What’s the value of hiring a DJ?

In contrast to a live band, a DJ is completely reliant on their gear. This is why they often bring their own rig and save you the trouble of ordering extra equipment. All they’ll need is a connection to the venue’s speaker system, and they can get to working immediately.

DJs have the value of playing exactly what you want at the right time. Like with bands, you may need to request your music options beforehand. But DJs won’t have any trouble finding a track on the fly as well.

Which one’s the better live entertainment?

The obvious answer that people don’t want to hear is that having both is the best option for their wedding. This is because both have weaknesses that the other can cover for. Playing music for the entire duration of the wedding and reception is just not feasible. In fact, it’s not uncommon for weddings to play pre-recorded music or a DJ’s playlist while your live band takes a break. Most weddings let the DJ oversee transitions while the live band takes center stage for main performances.

Of course, there’s still the issue of cost. If you’re working with a tight budget, it’s always best to stick with a DJ. A DJ can work with a wedding without a live band, but the reverse doesn’t apply. However, if you can allow yourself to splurge a little, it’s best to take a package deal with both.


Crossing off just one item on your list of wedding preparation is a relief on its own. Nevertheless, you need to ensure that your choices are suitable investments. Whether it’s a DJ or a band, it’s best to find reliable performers from credible talent agencies when getting live entertainment.

When finding the right live performance for your wedding, it’s best to rely on experienced talent agencies. At TSE Entertainment, we can supply your needs with different kinds of live acts, from DJs to local bands. If you need live wedding entertainment, contact us today!

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