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Live Entertainment Ideas for the 4th of July

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Is your city, company or venue hosting an event for our Nation’s Independence Day and looking for live entertainment ideas? Are you running out of unique ideas for your July Fourth celebration? Since July 4, 1776, American’s have been celebrating our independence from England. The formation of the now, United States of  America. It’s a monumental event in our history, and one worth celebrating to the fullest extent of our imagination. Learn more about the history of the 4th and early Fourth of July Celebrations

Common July Fourth live entertainment ideas almost always includes family-focused activities, water activities (depending on where you are located), live music, and of course fireworks. However, there are a ton of other live entertainment options you could include to make your July Fourth event unique and memorable.

The current pandemic is limiting many Fourth of July events because of the need for social distancing. Many localities are using this as an opportunity to think outside the box for new ideas on how to celebrate without bringing crowds together in confined spaces. A number of cities are expanding upon their use of fireworks synchronized to music played over a radio station to make radio programming a bigger part of their celebration along with the fireworks without an audience.

With 2020 July 4th celebrations scaled back. It’s already time to think about bringing the celebration back bigger than ever in 2021. Never too soon to start planning for a great live entertainment event.

Consider These Live Entertainment Ideas

The first thing that pops into people’s minds when thinking about live entertainment is live music, and for good reason. Live music is a fantastic way to celebrate any worthwhile occasion. After all, what is a party without music? But there are so many other entertainment options!

As a live entertainment booking and production agency, TSE can help with live entertainment ideas for your event. Our experience has shown us the best options for both musical and non-musical live entertainment for your next July Fourth celebration. Whether you’re still planning for this year or for years to come, fresh ideas are sure to get your creative juices flowing.

Live Music Entertainment Is an Idea That Never Goes Out of Style

Live music concerts are the mainstay of celebrations big and small. Consider the nature of your event in selecting the performers for it. Is it a private event or a city celebration? Will you limit your July fourth event to attendees that are of legal drinking age or open to everyone of all ages? it’s a great idea to host live music that is able to cater to a wide range of musical interests. Independence Day is a cause for celebration for everyone in the U.S. Such an event is likely to attract people from all walks of life with varying tastes in music. Planning for any event should consider the audience’s taste in music and entertainment.

Two great live music options for this type of event is party/cover bands and original recording artist.  Besides their own songs, singer/songwriters will often perform other songs we all know as part of their show.

For over 25 years, TSE Entertainment has worked with the City of Baytown in Texas to book live entertainment for its annual July Fourth Celebration where we book a diverse lineup of both party/cover bands and celebrity recording artists.

Whether you use local cover bands or well-known music stars will depend on your budget. Most large celebrations use both with the local cover bands opening for the headliner for the festivities. Smaller events will take the cover band approach. No matter which type of band you book, they will provide all your attendees a beat they can dance to and enjoy.

Other Ideas for Live Entertainment

How can you make your 4th of July event stand out from the many others taking place that day? If your event is in a small town far away from a big city that’s probably not an issue. However, if your venue is near a metropolitan area, there may be many celebrations in the surrounding area.

Consider these live entertainment ideas as you plan for your event. They can really add a whole lot of fun and excitement for your patrons. For a truly memorable experience, it’s important to think about all aspects of an event. Between the food, drinks, live music, and firework displays, how can you entertain your guests so that the entire event is immersive and enjoyable? Interactive mood entertainment in the form of grounds attractions are a great way to achieve this! Grounds attractions that are unique, impressive, and produce curiosity have proven to be valuable assets in bringing entertainment, interaction, and in many cases education, to festivals, fairs, and 4th of July celebrations.

TSE Entertainment | Live Entertainment Ideas for the 4th of JulyActs such as:

  • Stilt Walkers
  • Hula Hoop Artists
  • Jugglers
  • Pyro artists
  • Animal Attractions
  • Thrill Attractions

These acts can function as either grounds acts who stroll and perform within the audience or others that perform on a stage or another setting.

Different types of grounds acts are a great way to elevate any event, including your Independence Day celebration. Performance fees for this type of entertainment are reasonable and the impact it has on the success of your event make them worth considering. Your guests will be entertained at every turn, and the formation of our great nation is a wonderful occasion for that kind of experience!

As an entertainment booking agency and a concert or festival production agency, TSE Entertainment has been booking live music for over forty-five years. We are now expanding our Featured Artist Rosters to include a variety of non-musical entertainment. If you really want to give your patrons a great time, book multiples types of entertainment. Whatever your entertainment needs, TSE has the relationships and experience to find what makes sense for your audience and budget. We’ve been providing peace of mind to our clients since 1975.

 Kids Entertainment Ideas

If you’re hosting a family-friendly event to celebrate Independence Day, you’ll want to include fun activities for the kids as well. After all, kids are not going to sit through lead up concerts and the headliner without needing some diversion. Some great ideas for kids entertainment include:

  • Bounce houses
  • Inflatable water slides
  • Balloon artists
  • Face paintings
  • Rock climbing walls

TSE Entertainment | Live Entertainment Ideas for the 4th of JulyYou may find a company that provides more than one type of kids’ entertainment. Some face painters also do balloon art.  You’ may be able to provide both entertainment options for the kiddos with one booking.

Small kids may not understand the declaration of Independence or the reason behind the holiday. But between the fireworks show, grounds attractions and some great kids entertainment ideas, designed for their enjoyment, America’s Birthday could very well become their favorite holiday for years to come.

Hopefully, you will take these live entertainment ideas and add to them for your 4th of July celebration. Remember that if you need help with any aspect of your event, TSE is here to assist you. Whether it’s providing more live entertainment ideas, booking the entertainment, or helping you produce the festival, TSE acts as a member of your team. After all, we’ve been doing it since 1975.

If you need help with producing such an event in a middle of a pandemic, TSE created a detailed virus mitigation plan for one of our clients. You can access it here: Festival Production Pandemic Plan

Happy Birthday, the United States of America!

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