Booking Live Entertainment: Mixing and Matching

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Booking live entertainment for a private event can be a challenging process, especially if you are unsure where to start. It’s another thing to stress about you as you do you planning for whatever kind of event it may be. Professional singers and bands are usually what comes to mind when live entertainment is brought up. However, what do you do if you can’t afford to book a mainstream artist for your private event? What if you want to have live music along with another form of entertainment?

Lucky for us, there are many non-musical and specialty acts that can certainly entertain anyone at any type of event!

Booking live music for your events, such as a solo act, a cover band, or a tribute band, is great! Although, booking a mix of non-musical or specialty acts with live music can be just as great or even better! It allows your guests to have different options and entertainment experiences. It’s more like a Vaudeville experience. This way, you can ensure there will be something for everyone.

The wonderful thing about non-musical and specialty acts is that there are many options to choose from. There are magicians, daredevils, comedians, illusionists, and more! At TSE, we have a full roster of professional performers for you to pick from Non-Musical Specialty.

Consider Captivating Character Performers When Booking Live Entertainment

TSE Entertainment | Booking Live Entertainment: Mixing and MatchingHave you ever considered having character performers for your private party? Character performers create an exciting and fun atmosphere at events by engaging with the guests. This type of immersive experience creates a more intimate setting between the performers and guests.

Circosphere is one of TSE’s featured non-musical/specialty entertainment acts. Their character performers (known as ambiance entertainment) is one of their many services. They have stilt walkers, celebrity impersonators, ballerinas, and much more to charm your guests.

If that’s not enough to wow your audience, they have more options for you to choose from high-quality performers. You can pick from aerial bartenders, acrobats, face painters, henna artists, and even LED entertainment. You can see their full list of services on their TSE artist page: Circosphere.

Do you want another unique entertainment approach to bring your event to life?

Mestizo Productions can help with that! Their amazing entertainers bring a variety of audiovisual performances to you by combining graphic elements, musical effects, dance, and brilliant costumes. Their mirror costumes are a captivating showstopper. It’s a distinctive way to welcome your audience and even promote brands or products.

Character performers will bring a one-of-a-kind experience to you!

Jaw-Dropping Circus Acts & Thrill Shows for Your Live Entertainment

circus actAre stilt walkers and contortionists not grand enough for your event? Then you should consider adding a circus act or daredevils the next time you book live entertainment!

dog showYou may recognize the Dominguez Family on our website. They were on America’s Got Talent in 2019. This family circus features a dog show, aerialists, comedy acts, and their famous globe of death featuring dangerous motorcycle stunts.

Do you want even more death-defying acts for your event?

The Fearless Flores Thrill ShowThe Fearless Flores Thrill Show has you covered! This family of daredevils was in America’s Got Talent in 2011. High wire walking is impressive, but have you seen someone riding a motorcycle over a high wire. They like to add danger to their acts by doing stunts high above the ground, demonstrating their balance, strength, and dexterity!

These acts are fun for all the family and will keep your audience at the edge of their seat!

Book A Comedian, Magician, or Both!

Your comedian for your next event can also be your magician. TSE has a wonderful selection of comedic magicians who know how to entertain audiences of all ages.

jeff martin comedic magicianJeff Martin is a comedic magician and a wonderful option for your next event. He has been sharing his tricks and making audiences laugh for over thirty years! He spends nine months on the road and has been in shows all over the country. You can rely on Jeff Martin to bring a fun time anywhere he goes.

Bruce Manners Comedy Juggling and Stuff

TSE even has a comedic juggler! Bruce Manners combines stand-up comedy with juggling and creates a world-class act. He incorporates audience participation to create a fun and intimate experience with the audience. Make sure to check out what others have to say about his performances.

Are you interested in a magician but hold the comedy? No problem!

Former Las Vegas headliner Dirk Arthur Magic is a world-famous magician that is known for his incredible illusions. His mind-blowing illusions have featured tigers, helicopters, and sports cars. He has been entertaining audiences for the past thirty years and has even appeared on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Psychic Entertainers

Another great option to spice up an event is booking a professional mentalist or hypnotist.

Michael Gutenplan Psychic entertainerPsychic entertainers are a fantastic option for small private events or even large-scale events. One of TSE’s featured psychic entertainers is Michael Gutenplan. He has been reading minds and putting on shows for the last 20 years! His mentalism experience and enthralling shows earned him the 2019 Los Angeles award for Best Psychic Entertainer.

Your guests will have an unforgettable experience with a psychic entertainer at your next event.

As you can see, each non-musical and specialty acts have something in common. They capture the attention of any crowd and bring a wave of excitement to any event!

Take the Stress out of Your Next Live Entertainment Event

Planning your next special event does not have to be stressful or a bad experience. The next time you’re deciding whether you should book a band or not, think about a non-musical/specialty act. Ask TSE to help bring your vision to life. We are here to help you put on successful events of any sort.

We invite you to turn to TSE when booking an entertainment for your event. Need more help? No problem. Whether your event is a corporate function, a wedding, private party, public concert or a festival with live entertainment TSE can help you pull it off.

TSE also provides a full range of entertainment services to help you have a successful event. They include sponsorship development, booking, local production, online ticketing, event promotion and full event or concert production.

Contact us to learn more.

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