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Why More Close-Up Magicians Are Popping Up at Modern Events

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Everyone has some secret fascination with magic, whether it’s a simple coin trick performed among friends or a world-class performer on-stage for thousands to see. This is because, deep down, we’re all looking for magic in our lives. 

We want to be fooled, and sometimes not knowing is the feeling one can have at a party. It’s part of the reason more events are becoming open to hiring close-up magicians in different events. Unlike traditional musical acts, these performers combine a mix of showmanship and charm to light up any private function or corporate event.

Why you should hire a close-up magician for your occasion

Close-up magicians are consistently popular performers, especially with the modern sensibilities of the new generation. Relying on live music isn’t the only way to bring a group of people together. Additionally, many corporate gatherings and private functions are sit down functions. This is where a close-up magic can be the right kind of act, making it a stellar addition for those kinds of occasions.

In this article, we’ll share three reasons close-up magicians are in-demand for corporate events and social functions.

1. Close-up magicians can easily draw a crowd

Although most events follow a schedule of activities, it will almost always be a busy occasion. When you have plenty of people in one location like at a convention, you’ll likely deal with problems drawing a crowd. It’s also challenging to bring guests together to interact with each other, whether in at a party or a business conference. This is where your live entertainment of choice comes into play.

Close-up magicians have the advantage of drawing a small crowd, running simple tricks that are entertaining and engaging for everyone involved. The secret of a close-up magician’s appeal is that their tricks can appear so simple but take hours upon hours of discussion to try to uncover. Because of this, they’re excellent performers at any event.

2. A close-up magician’s act is a logistical blessing

A recurring problem among event organizers is the tall list of performers’ demands when hiring talent to an event. Sometimes your chosen venue doesn’t have the necessary equipment, so you’ll have to rent equipment someplace else. This just adds to your long list of expenses. Thankfully, a close-up magician won’t be a logistical nightmare.

They won’t need boxes of equipment, trailing wires, or even scheduled dress rehearsals. They can start right away without requiring an extensive orientation about your event. Close-up magicians already bring their performance in their person, with just a few props to help them perform their act.

3. Close-up magicians can create a more intimate and interactive performance

For most events, performers usually get the spotlight on-stage to entertain the guests. Stage bound acts cannot engage with small groups of your audience. Although these are also necessary for many occasions, these acts’ are limited when it comes to engagement with your guests. Unlike most performers, close-up magicians can perform from a stage or roam around your event space to bring their act with them. This allows them to interact with different people and read the room when it’s time to move on to another group.


Every event needs to have a compelling wildcard to be memorable. This is why many event organizers pay a hefty sum for famous headliners as performers. However, there’s more than one way to make your special occasion stand out to your guests. The subtle yet effective presence of a close-up magician is an addition to your event that can bring both wonder and entertainment in one.

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