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5 Do’s and Don’ts for Booking your Wedding Entertainment

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The wedding ceremony may be the main event, but the reception is without a doubt what most wedding guests look forward to. Sure, conversations and food will keep your guests happy, but every wedding needs a source of entertainment to liven things up. A live musical act provides a much better wedding experience as compared to a playlist on speakers.

But how do you know how to choose the best entertainment option and ensure your special day is a success? Keep reading to find out!

Do’s and Don’ts  for Booking the Perfect Wedding Entertainment

Do: Make Sure You Have a Contract

Contracts are not just for formality’s sake. A written contract benefits both parties because it makes expectations clear and ensures everyone knows what they’re responsible for. This is where you can put all your terms and conditions for the act you book, which includes the agreement that they will show up on time and perform a set number of hours. In turn, this guarantees that they get paid. This way, there won’t be any he-said, she-said problems.

Don’t: Make a Guest Perform to save money

Some people try to be sneaky by inviting a friend or family member to the wedding and asking them to perform. No doubt, you could have them do so if they volunteer, but you can’t expect them to do a whole set with the invite as payment. It’s disrespectful to them personally and to their talent.  

Do: Book Local Artists

Booking local talent makes things a lot more convenient for your wedding planner. If they’re just around the area in the venue you chose, there won’t be any unexpected traffic problems or misdirection mishaps. They won’t be in any rush to leave and they can perform at their best. Plus, supporting local talent can mean a lot to them and the community you’re in. You’ll never know if you’ve booked a real star-in-the-making!

Don’t: Book Pub or Club DJs

DJ-ing a party is something that these types of entertainers may be known for, but they may not be at a level to play for an event like a wedding. Wedding entertainers who have been doing it professionally for a long time are familiar with reading the room and changing the mood. These types of entertainers usually only know how to “hype” things up, which is fun but not all there is to entertaining guests of all age groups at a wedding.

Do: Notify Song Requests Beforehand

Wedding bands can certainly play your special songs. Since it is your wedding, they would want to make it as special to you as possible. Make sure that you notify them ahead of time so they can include it in their set and practice it for you, even if the songs you want were Billboard chart-toppers. 

Don’t: Micromanage your Entertainers

Of course, you should be able to read the setlist and know what they’re going to play. And yes, you do have the right to request special songs for them to play because it is your wedding. But

you would need to trust their instincts, intuitions, and talents to create a great set for you and your guests. Again, these performers read the room, so if they play in an order you set, it might kill the fun. If the audience is not done dancing and wants to keep going but you queued a slow song to go next, it just ruins the flow. Trust your entertainers.


Setting aside a budget for wedding entertainment can bring the reception to life. Even if it’s a bit of a hassle to add to the plan, it will pay off in the end. After all, weddings are a special occasion that needs special touches to make them all the more fun and memorable. 

To save yourself some stress, you need a wedding entertainment booking agency to get the band you want for your wedding day. TSE Entertainment is the go-to agency for you. With roots from Texas, we have helped events from all over the state find great acts and performances from Country Artists to Cover Party Bands. Book your artist today!

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