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Booking Country Music Tribute Artists

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Since 1975, TSE Entertainment has been booking local, regional, and national entertainers for a variety of venues including fairs, festivals, casinos and clubs. Booking country music tribute artists has been part of that effort. But a lot has changed over these past four decades. TSE has grown nearly ten times in size and the company has expanded its outreach, diversified its roster, and even rebranded the entire organization. But one thing remains unchanged: TSE’s roots are set in country music; and we have the country music bands and country music tribute artists to prove it. In case you don’t know what a tribute band is, you can find more information about tribute bands here.

A Sample of TSE’s Country Music Tribute Artists


George Strait Tribute

george strait tributeDerek Spence does this legendary country singer justice with his tribute act to George Strait. Derek has over 25 years of experience and has participated in a variety of positions within the entertainment industry including production management, directing, and of course, performing with talents in both vocals and guitar. He has the music, the voice, and even the mannerisms down to a tee, making even the most dedicated Texan do a double-take.

Derek as “King George” has performed everywhere and for everything. He’s booked shows in Fiesta, Texas all the way to the Grand Ole Opry. During his time at the Opry, Derek shared the stage with well-known country stars like Shania Twain, Diamond Rio, Kenny Rogers, Trisha Yearwood, and Restless Heart. He’s also been spotted singing at rodeos, college football games, and even corporate events. The shows that Derek perform are incredibly entertaining and make the perfect addition to any event.


Shania Twain Tribute

shania twain tributePerforming since the age of seven, Stacey Whitton Summers is no stranger to the spotlight. Stacey is a singer, songwriter, and actress that hails from Reno, NV and comes from a musical family of eight. Entertaining is in her blood! She spent years studying music and theatre, and booked her first role as Shania Twain upon graduating from college. Since then Stacey has used her talents in makeup/wig design, comedy, and voice manipulation to recreate other icons for the stage and TV.

Stacey has a wide repertoire and is a 6-in-1 woman. Her other tribute acts not only include Shania Twain, but also Marilyn Monroe, Martina McBride, Madonna, Gretchen Wilson, and even Katy Perry. She has starred on TV shows such as ABC’s “The Next Best Thing, MTV’s “Taquita and Kaui,” E! Television’s “Country’s most Shocking” along with appearing as a featured artist on over 40 variety TV shows. Stacey has even performed in front of legends like Dolly Parton and Shania Twain herself! “What a hoot and what a voice,” says Ms. Dolly. “Miss Whitton Summers is a class act and a great comedian!”


Toby Keith Tribute

toby keith tributeMike Sugg with his award-winning band Left of Centre make up the Toby Keith tribute act guaranteed to make even the biggest fan steal a second a look. Hailing from Detroit Michigan, Mike looks and sounds so much like Toby that even when wearing a ball cap and shorts, he can’t go anywhere without people saying, “Oh my god, that’s Toby Keith!” In fact, Toby’s own wife was taken aback once seeing the uncanny resemblance!

Mike’s impersonation goes far beyond mere appearances as he effortlessly encapsulates Toby’s familiar sound. He is a natural entertainer and really has what it takes to get a crowd out of their chairs and on their feet. Mike’s show has been the feature act at multiple Harrah’s Casinos as well as other Casinos, Fairs, Festivals and Corporate Events all over the country.


Carrie Underwood Tribute

carrie underwood tributeWhen it comes to Carrie Underwood tributes, Felice Garcia is one of the greats. She’s known for her jaw dropping performances in Las Vegas where she performed as the country superstar with the American Superstars production at The Stratosphere Casino Hotel and Tower. It was during her time with this production that Felice performed over 400 shows as Carrie Underwood.

Felice has since been casted in a number of Las Vegas shows including Principle Singer of the Les Folies Bergere at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino, Fantasy at the Luxor, and iCandy Burlesque at Planet Hollywood. She’s had the opportunity to perform both nationally and internationally. Felice spent several months out at sea as a cruise ship entertainer, and it was here that her acting and singing abilities were pushed to the limit. She expanded her repertoire to include both Christina Aguilera and Lady Gaga. But the performance that she is most proud of is her three tours to the Middle East to entertain the United States Air Force.


Garth Brooks Tribute

garth brooks tributeDean Simmons grew up in a musical family with his father, uncle, and grandfather who all loved to perform country music. Following in each of their footsteps, Dean began his country music career at only seven years old. Dean Simmons grew up as a performer and heard endless remarks from fans commenting on how remarkably to Garth Brooks he sounded. This was the turning point that kick-started his career as Garth Guy.

After extensive research of Garth’s music, concert footage, and music videos, not only could he mimic Garth’s music, but he was also able to emulate his mannerisms. Dean nailed the walk, the talk, and even Garth’s laugh. But more importantly, he perfected the ability to engage, connect with, and thoroughly entertain an audience. His tribute to Garth began in 1994 and it was only two years later that Dean was discovered and casted as Garth Brooks to perform in the world famous “Legends in Concert.” Dean is still the only “Garth” on Legends’ roster and he can be found performing in many of the Legends shows.


Booking Country Music Tribute Bands

Country music is the root of TSE Entertainment. These five tribute artists are only a few of the acts on TSE’s roster that pay homage to the legendary musicians that helped define country music. TSE also offers its Country Music Tribute Experience.

Country Music Tributes ConcertThe unique thing is the flexibility of this Show for your venue. You choose the number of country music tribute entertainers and the ones you want. You also choose the length of the show from 90 minutes to 3 or more hours and the production value desired. You have your choice of about 30 country music tributes for your show. Click here for a full list of all the tribute acts that TSE has to offer. Inquire today so one of these performers can make an appearance at your next event!

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