Booking Entertainment When to Hire a Booking Agent

Booking Entertainment: When To Hire a Booking Agent

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Timing can be everything when booking entertainment. When should you hire a booking agent? In short, I’d say when you’re ready to take an idea, willing to sign a contract, and then make it come to fruition. Sounds simple, but it has its twists and turns, as you may very well know. In a more magnified dive, let’s gather a variety of perspectives to further explore the readiness when hiring a booking agent. 

TSE Entertainment | Booking Entertainment: When To Hire a Booking AgentBooking Entertainment Venues

You’ve got a venue or multiple venues and you’ve been booking artists on your own with an assistant. Three months in and you’re cycling through artists too quickly to properly build a following and you can’t get any regional or national acts through the door. You are starting to burn out with all the juggling and feel like a fish going against the current. John Oates of Hall & Oates once said, “swimming upstream in the music business is a hard thing to do.” Don’t fret, booking is a full-time job, and you can’t create more hours in a day. But you know who can? This is where TSE Entertainment comes in.

Booking Fairs or Festivals

You’ve got all the pieces put together for a fair or a festival but can’t nail down the big artists to draw the crowd you need to make a profit. You cannot find the proper artist representatives to talk to or how to go about it. Everything is contingent upon booking entertainment for the main attraction. The drinks are refreshing, and giant pretzels are delicious, but who is on stage that the people are standing there to watch and listen to? This is where TSE comes in.

Booking Corporate or Non-Profit Organization Events & Benefits

You’ve got great ideas for the company annual benefit event, but you don’t have the connections or time to land the artists you want. After sending out random emails to 7 different agencies, you haven’t heard back in a couple weeks. Time is ticking and that calendar keeps flipping pages. How can you streamline the process? This is where TSE comes in.

Booking Weddings or Private Events

You’ve got all of the vendors set in place for the wedding or private event and you know the music is such an important component. Everyone is suggesting who they used for their special event, but you want something different, something next level. You also want to save money. This is where, you guessed it, TSE Entertainment comes in.

Whether you’re booking music, comedy, or specialty acts, any of the above can describe a familiar circumstance for you or your company. If so, well my friend, now is when you should hire a booking agent that will drive your events to the next level.

TSE Entertainment | Booking Entertainment: When To Hire a Booking AgentNational & International Artists

When it comes to booking the bigger name artists, you are dealing with more money, more responsibility, and more complicated contracts. You can skip the time-consuming hassle by hiring a legit booking agent and agency that have the skills in this type of contract wording to give you peace of mind. Our standing relationship within the industry helps us strike better deals. This is a win-win situation where everyone walks away with a smile and more opportunity moving forward. Sounds good, yeah?

Local & Regional Artists

When it comes to regional and local acts, knowing the market is key. Having the on-the-ground knowledge of what artists and genres have recently drawn well, lends to a better negotiating stance. TSE has agents in various markets of the country, so we do our best to submerge ourselves in the cultures of where we are booking. We are genuine about that approach because we believe in authenticity and character. After all, music deserves that respect, doesn’t it?

Streamline the Booking Entertainment Process

If only we were born with 12 tentacles, multiple brains, and the ability to move things with our minds. Until then, we cannot do everything ourselves. Believe me, I’ve tried. And tried. You know the story always ends the same, so the lesson learned was that a proper delegation of integral duties was a necessity. Not only to thrive, but to even survive. As veteran music attorney Donald Passman said in his book, All You Need to Know About the Music Business, “No creative work is ever the product of one person alone (no matter how tempting it is to believe our own hype).” Streamlining booking entertainment through a company like TSE Entertainment can really flip the script. It’s a joint venture into the goal of success. Sound like a no-brainer?

Save Money When Hiring Entertainment

It all comes down to money, though, right? No need to be coy. The industry turns with the money it brings in, so the bottom line is, if you really want to save money overall in a booking venture, having the proper professionals in place will be your ticket to longevity. Too good to be true? Not this time, TSE wants you to grow, so that we can grow together.

Meaningful Working Relationships

When it comes to the music industry and entertainment booking, it is all about relationships. There is a trust and rapport that we pride ourselves in obtaining with everyone we work with across the board. These relationships TSE and its agents built over a span of time with agencies and agents across the world, create a genuine opportunity to make some magic happen for the long haul. We bridge these relationships to bring the right entertainment to the right situations, for the right people at the right time. Is now the time for you to hire a booking agent? I think if you’re still reading this, now is when you should hire a booking agent. And we very much look forward to talking with you and starting our own meaningful working relationship.

TSE Entertainment | Booking Entertainment: When To Hire a Booking AgentTiming Entertainment Booking

It can’t be said enough, when booking entertainment, timing can be everything. If that is the case, then sometimes waiting ponders the thought of that perfect time flying by us without catching the moment. We at TSE, are here to catch that moment with you. Maybe it sounds a little cheesy, but we genuinely believe it. When you should hire a booking agent may very well be about having a cool idea, putting it on paper, securing a budget, having the venue, the right artist, knowing the contract language, and having that all come to fruition without a hitch. However, when you should hire an agency when booking entertainment is also about mindset. When that time comes, you will know, and TSE Entertainment will be here to help you charter and navigate the choppy, yet beautiful waters of the booking world.

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