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Entertainment Options for Private Events During The Pandemic

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With the lifting of some public health restrictions regarding the number of people who can socialize together, there is more interest in entertainment options for private events. One reason people are turning to private events is because the types of venues that would normally host live entertainment will be the last to reopen. Night clubs, bars, theaters, etc. in most places are still too risky to reopen at this stage of the pandemic.

We are now into month five of public health restrictions prohibiting attending or hosting large public events due to the COVID-19 pandemic.  The impact on performers, music booking agencies, event production agencies, event planners, caterers, fans, and many more businesses that provide the space or services required for such event has been devastating.

Thankfully, as restrictions are being loosened, individuals and organizations alike can now host smaller private events to help people, celebrate milestones, and aid entertainers while continuing to keep people safe.

Whether you are an person hosting a private party to commemorate a special time in your life such as a birthday or an achievement; or an organization or business hosting a private party or corporate event, one thing is certain: You need entertainment.

Depending on your budget for your private event entertainment, your options can vary. However, while maintaining social distancing and safety, chances are your audience will be small. There are a lot of great entertainment options for smaller gatherings. In this article, we’ll highlight some fun entertainment ideas you may not have thought about for your private event.

Live Music Entertainment Options for Private Events or Parties

Even if you aren’t entertaining a packed stadium or dance hall, live music is still a great option for any private event. One of the great things about live music is that there are multiples ways to have it. If you’re able to accommodate a full band at your private event that’s great. You also have the options of hiring a singer for an acoustic performance, using a recorded rack-backed performance, or booking a DJ for your private event.

Book a Full Band

No matter the size of your event, the type of live band production you choose really depends on the vibe you are trying to create and having the space needed for their performance. A full band set up is great if you’re wanting more of an upbeat and energetic atmosphere. If you’re renting the whole venue, most private event spaces can accommodate this type of performance while keeping everyone reasonably socially distant. Booking a full cover band is a great option for birthday parties and other lively celebrations. There are many local cover bands that are reasonably priced in your community.

One concern with this type of atmospheric event during a pandemic, however, is that it can be more difficult to control behavior and adhere to safety regulations. Those attending will want to dance, sing along or crowd in front of the band. Those are very risky behaviors for spreading the Coronavirus. Booking an acoustic performance might be a better fit at providing good entertainment while minimizing that kind of behavior.

Acoustic Performances

One of the entertainment options for private events is downsizing to an acoustic performance for your occasion.  Acoustic performances are ideal for a more relaxed, classy vibe. They are great for more intimate settings and the smaller audiences now required. If you intend on serving food for your guest while the band plays, acoustic is also a great option. Guests can enjoy live music while still engaging in dinner and dinner time chatter.

acoustic entertainment for private events
Brian A. Thompson at Acoustic Cafe

An acoustic performance is a lot less expensive than a full band performance. It requires fewer band members, less equipment, a smaller stage, and fewer travel and food requirements (in the case the band needs to travel to your event). It’s important to make sure the band that you are wanting for your event entertainment is prepared and experienced for such a performance. If you use a reputable booking agency to hire the band, you should not need to worry about those kinds of details.

Recorded Track-Backed Performance

If you’re hoping the achieve the ambiance that a full band creates, but are limited on space or budget, consider a live, recorded track-backed band performance. The recordings used in this scenario are recordings of the other instruments of the band that are not at the actual live performance. The music you hear will sound just like that of the full band, but it will only be a smaller number of the band members performing. This means money-savings because less musicians are required and less required stage space.

One major downfall of this option is that not all bands are prepared or capable of such a performance. It requires a more hi-tech band so your options may be more limited. However, it’s doable. Any Booking agency that worth of your business should know which artists are capable of supplementing their music with tracks.

The DJ Entertainment Option

Another popular entertainment option for a private event is using a DJ to entertain your guests. While this choice may not have the excitement of a band, today’s DJs do more than play songs. Today’s DJs are skilled at engaging audiences and keeping them entertained,

TSE Entertainment has an array featured artists as entertainment options for private events. We feature a number of rosters that provide an array of entertainment options for private parties and other permitted social events. TSE rosters include: Country Music Artists, Latin Music Artists, Tribute Artists, and Cover-Party Bands. Besides our featured artist rosters, TSE books bands from around the country for corporate or private occasions. We are a national entertainment booking agency that matches talent buyers and great live music options for events. So if it’s a cover band in Chicago, Illinois; a DJ in Sacramento, California or a major star in Houston, Texas; TSE can provide just the right live music entertainment option for your private event.

Specialty, Non-Musical Entertainment Options for Private Events

Magicians and Mentalists

Most people think of magicians and mentalists as entertainment choices for big corporate gatherings, or county fairs, but they are great options for any occasion and private event! Especially if your goal is to show everyone a good time that is fun and unique!

When was the last time you saw a magician live? It was probably when you were out of town traveling in a new place or city. For whatever reason, people planning entertainment don’t consider them at first for event entertainment.  But they should be. Magicians and mentalists typically don’t carry a ton of stage props with them, and even if they do, they can usually adjust their shows according to what is needed. They are a flexible and affordable choice for entertainment and a great option for any private event.

There are also a lot more professional magicians/mentalists than you might think! While a professional booking agency like TSE Entertainment is able to book any act you want, just on our website alone we feature ten of some of the best magic acts you can find! Some of them have even perfected their act to be able to deliver it over Zoom!

Kristoff the Magician – Cards, Mentalist, Illusions and Laughs

TSE Entertainment | Entertainment Options for Private Events During The Pandemic



Dryden Glod – The Magician to The Stars

entertainment options


Robby Bennett – A Mainstream Entertainer

TSE Entertainment | Entertainment Options for Private Events During The Pandemic


Michael Grandinetti – World-Renowned Star

TSE Entertainment | Entertainment Options for Private Events During The Pandemic


Another great private event entertainment option is comedians. Just like with a magician, you are easily able to control the environment of your private event with seated entertainment, while also providing a great time and lots of laughs

Other Specialty Acts

There are so many kinds of specialty act entertainment options for private events and parties. They include strolling costumed characters, jugglers, fire eaters, circus acts, thrill shows, hypnotists, fortune tellers and many more different acts that can add something different to the typical entertainment used at many private or corporate events.

Of course, you want to make sure you choose the right entertainment option for your private event or party. A good entertainment booking agency can assure that the entertainment matches the interest of your guests. That’s a lot better than hiring a band on your own and ending up with guests who leave unhappy with the entertainment option you chose for your private event.

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