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Coffey Anderson: Self-Made Country Star

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You have most likely heard of him. If you have not heard his music before, you have probably learned of it and him through his Netflix Series, Country Ever After. Coffey Anderson is an accomplished independent country musician who, with his strong faith and work ethic, has made his music and career the success it is today.

Coffey Anderson: Music Industry Entrepreneur

Coffey Anderson performingSince the start of his career, Coffey Anderson has been his own song writer, producer, video producer, marketing specialist and booking agent. Coffey has released a total of twelve albums, six country albums and six gospel albums.  He has performed at some of the largest venues and events including Rodeo Houston, NFR (2 Years in a row in the main arena on Championship night) has appeared on NBC’s Nashville Star, Fox and Friends, CMT and others. His song “Cowboy Style” reached No. 2 on iTunes Country charts, beating both Chris Stapleton and Kane Brown. Coffey’s hit Patriotic single “Mr Red White and Blue” was #4 on the iTunes Country Charts this month. He also has over 2 Billion swipes for Mr Red White and Blue on TikTok and a new crop of young fans!

coffey andersonBut how did such an accomplished independent artist come to be? What are his inspirations and driving forces, and how does he manage so many facets of his career with such success?

Coffey is an independent artist who puts out his own music. There was still a record deal, just not the one might think. In an interview with Coffey, I asked him if there was any one experience that had a major impact on shaping his musical career, and he answered with a story about a businessman he met in Houston, TX.

When Coffey first started taking his music career seriously, he, like most musicians, believed that to make it big he needed a record deal. So, in his initial music quest this is what he sought to achieve. Then, while discussing business one day with this businessman in Houston, he got all the information and insight he needed to change his mind set and goals.

While in conversation, Coffey insisted to the businessman that to break through in the music industry he needed a record deal. The man told Coffey to 1) take out a pen and a piece of paper, 2) write “Record Deal” on it, and 3) Place and X with a line and sign. The Houston businessman told Coffey “There, you have a record deal. Now what are you going to do?” And like a single ember that brings an entire field to flames, this bit of advice set Coffey off on a mission to cultivate his own career in country music.

Some wise words may have set Coffey off on a new way of thinking about his music career, but It takes a lot more than that to accomplish what Coffey has accomplished.

If you have followed Coffey on social media or seen his show “Country Ever After” on Netflix, then you already have an idea of what his dedication to his career looks like.

coffey anderson country ever after netflix

blake shelton and gwen stefaniCoffey continues to release great new music.  He always stays up to date with his fan-base via his social media channels.  Before the pandemic he typically played live shows every weekend, all weekend, and was back home for church on Sunday.

When I interviewed Coffey for this article, it occurred to me just how much business sense he really has. A lot of artists just want to make music. They don’t pay much attention to the promotion and business side of music. They either don’t know how, they don’t want to know how, or they don’t know how to learn how. With Coffey’s dedication however, he learned. He figured it out and did it, every day, no matter what it was. From producing a song, to hosting a live stream, to figuring out ways in which he can bring more value to the clients that book him.

“The buyer has a partner in me, not a liability.” – Coffey Anderson

One of the ways he provides more value is by providing an option for an LED video wall backdrop that can be used for sponsorship logos. If Coffey can help his buyers get sponsors with his LED backdrop, that is less money the buyer needs to spend and more money to their bottom line. Coffey also provides a full HD Facebook and Instagram video commercial to use for sponsorship sales and social promotion for his events. It’s this business-minded way of thinking, along with his dedication to the work he puts in every day, that makes it no surprise that he has been able to accomplish his current level of success without a record label.

When asked what advice he would give young artists pursuing a career in music, Coffey responded with “I would tell them to create their own record label, write their own music, put out their own songs, and to operate at their own level. Wrap their bus. Maybe they can’t get an RV right away, but they can get an old church van with a nice wrap and logo and operate at the level they are at until they elevate to the next level, and so on.”

coffey anderson live performanceCoffey has also done a great job of homing in on a niche market for his live performances. He loves it because it is both near and dear to his heart, and because it allows him to continue to perform weekly while also still being a present father and husband for his family. That niche market is county fairs and local festivals! Of course, Coffey performs at all types of shows and events, but fairs and festivals is where his heart is at when it comes to performing for live entertainment events.

Coffey loves performing at sexy venues such as Dickies Arena and Globe Life. But he says county fairs provided comfort and healing during a time in his adolescence that was filled with grief due to the loss of his mother to cancer. Coffey reminisced to a time at his local county fair that made him feel happy for the first time in a while at that time in his life. For that he will always have a love for county fairs that extends beyond the actual event.

When asked what his favorite fair or festival was, he responded with “My favorite fairs are the ones in towns that get overlooked, because I feel like I can make more of an impact and that feels good.”

Coffey’s Anderson’s Music

While Coffey is recognized as a country artist, his music offers a diverse mix of country, pop, R&B, hip-hop, and worship music. He first started playing music while attending college for ministry, and his faith and gospel music are still very dear to his heart. Coffey remains strong in his faith and delivers family-friendly, faith-oriented country music. He also gets musical inspirations from artists like Sheryl Crow, and Dwight Yoakum, as well as various hip-hop artists. Coffey says in hip hop “they don’t overthink it”, and he admires that.

Check out some of our favorite hits from Coffey below:

Mr. Red White and Blue

Cowboy Style

Better Today

Your New Boyfriend

Bud Light Blue

Book Coffey with TSE Entertainment

Coffey has now partnered with TSE Entertainment to handle his booking, and we couldn’t be happier about having him as a member of the TSE Family of Featured Artists. We love Coffey Anderson and everything he brings with his music, including his values, professionalism, and business approach. Most of all because he’s such a great performer and musician.

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