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Tejano Music Booking: A Perspective

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TSE Entertainment prides itself in being one of the best in the nation when it comes to Tejano Music Booking. We book popular Texas Tejano bands such as the smooth and powerful voice of Stefani Montiel to the extremely popular party band, Bombasta. Here’s a brief highlight of some of our most sought after Tejano bands for booking .

Stefani Montiel

stefani montielStefani Montel’s music is heavily influenced by her family who are of Mexican, Spaniard, German, and Italian culture. Stefani’s blended Mexican American culture set the base for her colorful career, starting at the young age of 5!

Throughout the years she has topped Latino charts and has several Latin Grammy nominations and many Tejano Music Awards. She reached success levels as huge as the Texas Tornados, Lydia Mendoza, Freddy Fender, Jay Perez, and La Mafia. She has realized over sixteen nominations and Tejano Music Awards throughout her career. Her success makes her one of the most popular Tejano acts in her music genre.

Her hit single “Ay Papi” propelled her career into stardom. “Ay Papi” reached number four on Puerto Rico’s charts beating out Celine Dione. After years of touring and album releases Stefani established her sound in the Tejano market.

She has unimaginable vocals and rivals the best in the industry when it comes to performing. Every time she performs, she produces a large crowd of unwavering followers and makes a believer out of any newcomers. Stefani Montiel is a genuine superstar in the Tejano music scene with her breathtaking performances. A full profile of her: Stefani Montiel: Tejano Music Superstar


bombasta latin artistThe San Antonio band, Bombasta is as big as their name sounds. Their music is Cumbia style music mixed with funk, hip-hop, rock, and everything in between. Bombasta is a must see ten man band that drives for unity within the United States.  This is what makes them great. Every time that you go to one of their shows you are immersed with a diverse crowd of different ages, races, and religions. Bombasta is pushing for diversity and wants everyone there to celebrate the joy of life.

Bombasta has been recognized as Artists of the Year and Best Latin Alternative Band by peers & publications across the Lone Star State.

With over seventeen years together as a band it is understandable and impressive that this south Texas Tejano band has been able to infuse so many music genres. The Hip-Hop aspect of their band can come at you anytime. They performances include a smooth transition from Latin funk to hip hop, then to reggae.

It’s enough to make anyone’s head spin in a good way! It’s hard to even put a music genre on this exciting Tejano band. I personally don’t think so, but they would tell you that it’s Cumbia with heavy influences.

Michael Salgado

michael salgadoMichael is a perfect example of Tex-Mex music. He takes traditional conjunto music and fuses new instruments making it the Tejano music we love and hear today. It is captivating to watch Michael play the accordion left-handed. Michael has also accumulated a number of awards throughout his musical journey. A few of his accolades are “Best Song of the Year” for “Ya No Voy a Aguantar” and the Billboard Latin Music Award “Best Album Regional Mexican”.

Stepping from the traditional Tejano music, in 2012 he ventured out into the country music scene. Michael found a niche in country music as well. His song “Honky Tonks and Cantinas” is pure country gold. You can also get an exclusive inside look on what it took for Michael Salado to shift into country music, by watching “This is my Country, Twin Fiddles and Accordion”.

Never forgetting his roots, Michael still showcases his Norteño band style at concerts. He’s played in front of thousands of crowds throughout the years. He also is the host of concerts through his own company (Zurdo Inc.) Michael Salgado is responsible for bringing in some of the best Tejano bands anywhere to the city of San Antonio. More about Michael here.

Da Krazy Pimpz

Da Krazy PimpzIf you want to dance, Da Krazy Pimpz has the style to make you dance until sunrise, without realizing you are dancing! Staying true to their Tejano music and cumbia style, Da Krazy Pimpz are destined for long-term stardom. Since their band formed in 2008, they have been able to produce hit after hit for their Tejano fans.

The song “Cumbia De Los Pimz” made international airwaves all over the southern

U.S., Central America, and Mexico. They followed that hit with several more over the years. They have played in front of thousands and thousands of Tejano fans, most notably the Tejano National convention in Las Vegas.  Gaining so much popularity they quickly got the attention of Gary Hobbs, a famous Tejano music artist. Gary began helping the band by signing them  to his own personal music agency. Da Krazy Pimpz is a national staple in Tejano music, and will be here for a long time to come.

Rick Trevino

Rick TrevinoRick Trevino is a rare talent. Although his music is more in the Honky Tonk country style he is admired deeply by the Tejano music fans as well. He has several hit records. He reached number one on the Billboards country chart with “Running out of Reasons to Run” He racked up six top ten hits in a matter of three years.

Rick was studying at A&M for a music degree when he was discovered by Sony Records. He soon left college for a career in music. It was a big risk for Rick at the time, but he bet on himself and the music that he was making. He bet right because he has never looked back.

After all of his famed success Rick decided to go back to Tex-Mex music and created a Spanish album called “Mi Son”. Even though he had opposition from Sony he stuck to the music he wanted to create, Rick never stopped being himself. Sony released him in 1998 because Rick wanted to go in his own musical direction.

Soon after releasing his album, Rick started working with Raul Malo, former front man of The Mavericks. Famed producer Paul Worley soon took notice, and signed Rick Trevino to Warner Brothers. His latest collaboration with Los Lobos is a tribute to one of the most famous of early Tejano-Country crossover artist, Freddy Fender. “Wasted Days and Wasted Nights” was released as a single in 2010. Rick still writes and creates music to this day for Warner Brothers. Here’s a profile article for you: Rick Trevino: Country Music Legend

Tejano Music Booking Today

Tejano bands identify the rich diverse culture of Texas. You can hear Tejano influences in many of today’s country and rock hits. TSE entertainment is proud to represent and be a Tejano music booking agency for these artists. We look forward to booking many more Tejano bands throughout the years as it is the backbone of our culture in Texas.

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