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Entertainment Booking Agency: What Do You Get?

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The music industry can be a confusing business if you aren’t familiar with the various roles involved with it such as “entertainment booking agency.” There are so many entities involved that all seem to have some blurred lines in terms of what they do for the artist and venues. Between the artists’ managers, promotors, booking agents, and talent buyers it can get very confusing. The role of an entertainment booking agency, however, is straight forward. Like TSE Entertainment, there are those that can offer you much more than just entertainment booking services. However, at the heart of it all are just a few simple services that can save you a ton of time and money. So, let’s talk about what you get when working with an entertainment booking agency.

If You Think You May Need an Entertainment Booking Agency, Chances Are You Do

In its simplest form, entertainment booking agency’s main function is to offer one thing; to find and book your entertainment and handle everything that goes along with that. They are the middlemen between you and the entertainment; making all the phone calls, negotiations, and handling all the details of the contracts and their riders. Many people may be under the impression that by hiring any third party to book their entertainment, they are saving time while, at the same time, spending more money.  That’s simply not the case with the right entertainment booking agency.

Live Entertainment Booking Agencies: The Entertainment “Finders”

One of the biggest advantages of working with an entertainment booking agency is just being able to find the entertainers you want and fit your budget. The ability to locate specific entertainers by having the proper contact information is one role they play. Their relationship with artists’ managers and their booking agents allow them to obtain true and accurate pricing and availability. The performance prices a novice will get will often be very different than the price a booking agency will obtain based on their personal relationships, their knowledge of past performance fees and the negotiation they will do on your behalf.  Entertainment booking agencies make this process far less painful than it would be if you were to go at it alone. In the process they often save more money than their booking fees for their clients.

Of course, before they start searching, they will need to know your budget. Since entertainment booking agencies are in the business of booking entertainment on a regular basis, they will already have a good idea of whether your entertainment goals are attainable. When you first start your process with an agency, this is one of the first questions they should ask. If they don’t, it may be a sign that they are inexperienced.

The beauty of working with an entertainment booking agency is that even if your budget does fall short, they’ll be quick to offer comparable options that are more in line with your price tag., once they have worked with you enough to narrow down your options to a satisfying list of contenders, they will work to negotiate the pricing with the entertainer so that you get the biggest bang for your buck, while still keeping the artist happy.

At TSE another way we will try to reach your budget is to look to book other engagements for the artist you want in the same geographic area. These are called “routing gigs.” If we can do that, the client gets a better performance price because the overhead costs for the artist is now spread over several performances, not just yours.

A Music Booking Agency: The Magic Middlemen

This is where an entertainment booking agency can really save you money! After all, if you don’t know the market or the artists stats and the rest of the jargon that goes into negotiations such as backline and routing gigs, then how can you properly negotiate your price? A good entertainment booking agency will have the experience and access to all the information they need to start and steer the conversation of negotiation on your behalf.

What’s more, most people that aren’t experienced with booking entertainment may be under the impression that negotiations involve only the price for the performance and the length of time that it lasts. However, as mentioned above there is a lot more involved that will determine the amount that you pay.

A good music booking agency will be able to find solutions to your price gap in the areas of backline, travel, meals, and possibly routing gig pricing if it applies. With all that goes into the conversation, it’s a good idea to have an entertainment booking agency that knows what they’re doing and can navigate all the fine detail for you. Not only where pricing is concerned, but also in making sure that everything that is spoken is understood on both ends, so that the day of your event goes as smoothly as possible. This is where contracts come in.

Booking Agency: The Contract Specialists

entertainment booking contractOnce you have your entertainment locked down, and pricing and terms negotiated, you want to make sure that everything is crystal clear and in writing before your event. This minimalizes the chance for things to go wrong and gives you and the entertainer something solid to refer to in the days leading up to your event.

A good music entertainment booking agency is one that stays busy, meaning they use these types of contracts on a regular basis and know exactly what needs to be included. If there is anything that you don’t understand, they can explain it, and the best part: all you must do is put your signature on it. You can even do that electronically with TSE’s contracts.

A Music Booking Agency: Advancing Queens… and Kings

In addition to coordinating the final, signed contract between you and your entertainment, a good music booking agency will make sure that everything is scheduled correctly, as well as keep in touch with the artists’ representatives for your entertainment from contract signing up to the day of your event to help make sure everything is in place and runs smoothly! That includes everything from acquiring promotion materials, transportation details and other information that needs to be nailed down. They will put you in touch with the artist’s road manager to hammer out all the logistical issues while being there to intercede if a problem arises.

A good entertainment booking agency with a long history can find and book the right act that fits your budget and audience demographic. In the process they can save you time and money.  TSE is a Texas booking agency that has been carrying out the role described above since 1975 in all parts of North America. We would love to help you with your next event.

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