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Event Ticketing

Need a Robust, Easy-to-Use and Affordable Event Ticketing Service?

TSE Entertainment provides a simple way to sell event tickets online. Whether your venue is small, or your event is large, our powerful, but simple event ticketing platform will fit your needs. TSE sets up your box office for you and provides a link to it for you to share. TSE can also provide a box office widget for you to install directly on your website for Facebook Event Page.

You decide who pays the TSE’s small courtesy booking fee and credit card fees. You have the choice of incorporating them into your ticket price or having the buyer pay them separately.

Online Event Ticketing Made Easy

Your customers will be able to buy tickets using their phone, tablet, or desktop computer. Once purchased they will get an automated order confirmation and ticket delivery via email. You can send updates to guests anytime though the platform. We also provide an app to allow you to monitor your tickets sales, and scan people in as they arrive. You have a real time view of ticket sales and who came through the door at your event.

Looking for a Better Event Ticketing Service?

Buyer Data & Engagement

You decide what information you would like to collect through the ticket sales process. Use what you collect for future marketing purposes because TSE provides you with the contact information of those who purchase tickets. You will also have access to easy-to-understand ticket sales summaries and customer order analytics.

TSE Entertainment|Ticketing Services
TSE Entertainment|Ticketing Services

Lots of Payment Options

Ticket buyers have lots of options to pay for their tickets. It’s compatible with all the various ways to pay online, including credit cards, debit cards, Stripe, PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay. You can even choose to have the ticket purchaser pay the transaction charges associated with these payment methods. It’s just one feature of this robust ticketing platform.

So Many Event Ticketing Features

TSE’s ticketing platform is full of features that make it easy for venues and events to create the ticketing tiers and strategies they need for their shows.

It’s not limited to tickets. Want to sell merch, drinks, or other items as part of the ticketing purchase process? How about enabling donations? No problem. Security is PCI DSS compliant which is the highest level of security compliance for the payments industry. 

TSE Entertainment|Ticketing Services

Event Ticketing Features (Everything You Need)

  • Public or private event listings
  • Unlimited events
  • Unlimited ticket types
  • Free tickets are free
  • Ticket grouping
  • Recurring events and time slots
  • Password protected tickets
  • Auto-show and hide ticket types
  • Schedule event on and off sale
  • Customizable checkout form
  • Customizable order confirmation and tickets
  • Mobile tickets
  • Donations
  • Custom URL
  • Wait lists
  • Social sharing tools
  • Include maps on event pages
  • Discount codes and voucher codes
  • Access codes
  • Mobile optimized checkout flow
  • Add event to calendar button
  • Mobile tickets
  • Ticket scanning app
  • Offline payments
  • Add people to guest list
  • Customizable door list
  • Mass email attendees
  • Automated sale notifications
  • Customer service contact section
  • Reserved seating where buyers select their seats
  • Unlimited seating charts per box office
  • Customizable labelling and categories
  • Add images and comments to seats
  • Accessible seats
  • More than just seats! Add tables, benches, standing space and more
  • Secure payment processing
  • Full GDPR compliance

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