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Event Sponsorship

Looking for Sponsors to Enhance Your Entertainment Events?

Our event sponsorship team has more than 25 years of experience working with some of the biggest brands in the world.

Whether your event is an annual fair or festival, a concert series, or a venue that hosts entertainment, you might be leaving money on the table by not exploring sponsorships with corporate partners.

TSE Entertainment can provide a turn-key sponsorship development experience that will generate additional revenue and provide significant partnerships with leading local, regional, and national advertisers.

Sponsors not only bring dollars or in-kind services. They also bring credibility to your venue or events.

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Need Help With Event Sponsorship?

We secure the right sponsors for your event and customize every partnership detail delivering exceptional ROI for all participants. We do all of this by maximizing all the marketing assets available to a sponsor from your event. We coordinate all the logistics including sponsorship agreements, negotiation, and activation activities, giving you the freedom to focus on other aspects of your event. Depending on the event this can include naming rights, pouring rights, product sampling and much more!

Not all entertainment events are sponsorable. Let TSE assess your event’s suitability for brand sponsorship development. You have nothing to lose and lots to gain.

Turn-Key Sponsorship Experience

Through these partnerships your event will benefit from increased exposure, greater credibility as well as additional funds to enhance your event or offset costs.

If you already have some sponsors, don’t worry. Our work is in addition to any sponsorships you may already have for your entertainment events.

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Sample Work Products

  • Event Assessment for Sponsorships
  • Customized Sponsorships
  • Sponsor Brand Association
  • Naming Rights of your Event
  • Audience Activations
  • VIP and Premium Access Events
  • Sponsorship Consultation
TSE Entertainment|Sponsorship Development

Creative Sponsorship Activations

Not only do we do an inventory of your potential sponsorship assets, but…

Our experienced sponsorship sales team can also liaison with brand partners to get their input into creating the sponsorship activations that meet their objectives for your event.

Remember that good sponsors become partners with you for your event.

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