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Music Booking Agency Must: The IAFE Conference

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The IAFE (International Association of Fairs & Expositions) Convention is a must-attend for any music booking agency. This is one of TSE Entertainment’s favorite events to meet new clients, catch up with long-standing ones, collaborate with other major music booking agencies, and learn all about the latest ideas and opportunities for fairs & expositions across the world. What can a music booking agency or other attendees expect when attending this conference?

The 2019 “Champions of Change” IAFE Convention was set in historic downtown San Antonio, Texas at the Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center starting on Sunday, December 1st and ending on Wednesday December 4th, 2019.

The Trade Show: Key for a Music Booking Agency

The Trade Show was a very important reason our music booking agency attended this event. The Trade Show is an exhibition at which businesses in a particular industry promote their products and services. Nearly 400 exhibitors of all kinds can be found on the trade show floor of the convention center. From product companies such as Coca-Cola to marketing agencies to insurance companies to non-music entertainment like circuses/magicians/ music booking agencies such as WME, CAA, APA, and, of course, TSE Entertainment. The Trade Show was open for 3 to 4 hours each day to registered attendees. You must have a badge in order to get in and access all of these resources in this single location.

TSE Entertainment | Music Booking Agency Must: The IAFE ConferenceThis is where we shine most. Attendees from fairs and expositions from all over the United States and beyond stop by our booth to discuss booking music entertainment opportunities for their events. TSE Entertainment is a one-stop shop music booking agency. We not only handle our featured artists, but we also work with all of the major booking agencies to book national acts such as Clint Black, Blake Shelton, Boyz II Men, and beyond. Here is a list of some of the acts we have booked. Our clients have one single agency to work with vs. the many it can often take to find the right artists. TSE has great buying power since we do this 365 days a year. We actually can both money as well as headaches for our clients. We keep the process clear and smooth and give them peace of mind knowing that TSE will handle all the details. We supplement the event staff and become part of their team.

As one of the top music booking agencies out there, we develop long-term relationships with our clients because we are accessible, transparent, quick to respond, genuine, and give the highest quality of customer service. Many of our clients have been with us for decades. TSE can do it all. We do everything from booking to full turnkey events and everything in between.

TSE Entertainment | Music Booking Agency Must: The IAFE Conference
Chubby Checker: Never know who you will meet at the Trade Show:

This year at the Trade Show we had many quality and productive conversations. We like to offer counsel or advice to anyone who needs it, whether they are a client or not. After all, down the road they remember our help and consider us for future events.

Following up is extremely important after getting back home and letting everyone settle back in. We hope to have some great results and join forces with new fairs/events as their GO TO Music Booking Agency.

Training Sessions

Whether a fair board member or music booking agency agent, there are training sessions and classes for all to learn. Here are just a few examples.

  • Critical Conversation: Attracting a New Demographic Through Entertainment
  • Legend-Led: Entertainment Production
  • Emergency Planning for Today’s Crisis
  • Measuring What Matters – Putting Ticket Sales at the Heart of Your Marketing Strategy
  • Insurance Basics
  • Social Media Networking Session

Happy Hours/Networking Opportunities

In addition to the Trade Show, I feel the second most important part of the IAFE Convention for a music booking agency is the opportunity for networking. Monday and Tuesday there are Happy Hour Gatherings onsite where new, up-and-coming artists get to perform for attendees. This year was Walker Montgomery on the first night and Tenille Arts on the second night. Besides the phenomenal entertainment and free beverages and snacks, my favorite part is the chance to get to carry on further conversations with both new and long-standing clients.

My team also was invited to The CAA IAFE Party that was held off site. TSE was proud to be included as part of the group of CAA booking agents and top talent buyers in the industry. Creative Artist Agency (CAA) is one of the top music booking agencies in the world. TSE Entertainment works with them on a daily basis booking many of the most sought-after artists in the music world. They showcased 2 new artists that blew us away – Larry Fleet and Avenue Beat. Keep your eyes and ears open because you will be hearing these names very soon, if you already have not done so.

These are just a few reasons why a music booking agency should attend conventions such as the IAFE conference. Next up for TSE is the TAFE (Texas Association of Fairs and Events Conference  in Galveston, Texas January 9-12, 2020. We hope all of you attending the conference. Look for this music booking agency at many more conferences in 2020 in beyond. TSE Entertainment is expanding its presence at a greater number of conferences as we continue our rapid growth. While we have been around serving our clients since 1975, we are rapidly expanding to serve more clients and provide more services to help meet their needs.

For a free consultation on engaging a music booking agency for your festival, fair, or event, call TSE Entertainment at 1-800-765-8203.

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