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Entertainment venues including clubs, fairs, festivals, theaters, dance halls, casinos as well as event planners and promoters are constantly looking for talent. TSE Entertainment has a service whereas the venue or event planner/promoter hires TSE Entertainment to be their exclusive agent to acquire talent throughout their performance season.
In return TSE either negotiates a flat fee based on the acquisition budget or takes a commission that is lower than what is normally charged.
As your agent we leverage our buying power (we buy talent every day) and our ability to develop routing gigs to save you money when booking talent.

Whether it’s a cover band, tribute band, or a well-known entertainer, our experience in booking and advancing shows makes us a reliable partner to deliver the acts needed for successful performances. Whether it’s a major ticketed show event or providing a great cover band for your venue, TSE delivers for you.

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Why Exclusive Representation Works for You?

TSE is in it for the long haul, building relationships based on trust and service with the venues and promoters with which we work. Most of our venues, have been with us for years…some approaching 30 years. That speaks volumes about why they trust us to handle their events year-round. Before one performance ends, we are working on the next one. Over time, we come to thoroughly know the venue or promoter and their wish list. We also know the entertainers that are a good fit for their requirements.

Your time, as well as your staff’s time, is valuable. TSE works as an extension of your staff. We handle the phone calls and emails from agents and managers who may or may not be the kind of act you desire. We do the research and present well-suited options to you for your final approval. We do the work, and you have the peace of mind of knowing that the acts have been thoroughly vetted before we recommend them. Once you approve, we do the booking contract and rider negotiation and the services listed below. You do as much or as little as you want for your show.

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We also provide services to complement our talent buying services for promoters and venues. Ticketing and local production services are two high-demand offerings we provide. We provide whatever entertainment services you need for your concert or show.

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