Janis Joplin Tribute: Jennifer B

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Jennifer B and the GrooveJennifer B had been performing about 125 shows per year when she realized that over the course of 1,000 shows, someone in the audience always asked for a Janis Joplin song. It’s then she realized…”Why not give the people what they have always been asking.” The Janis Joplin Tribute Show featuring Jennifer B was born.

When you see her perform, you will know why she was asked to perform Janis’ songs. Watching her perform takes you back to the late 60’s and a front row seat at a Janis Joplin Concert. It’s hard to describe how much she reminds you of Janis. She recreates Janis’ gravelly mezzo soprano voice and the projected frenzy and craving that was shown by her emotional physical actions.

Whether you are too young to remember Janis Joplin or a fan from back then, you will come away from her performance shaking your head and knowing that you knew what it was like to watch Janis Joplin perform.


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