Willie Nelson Tribute: Jimmie Wilson

If you love Willie Nelson, you will love Jimmie Wilson.

Attention to detail marks this show. Arrangements are faithful with the haunting harmonica winding through the famous ballads, the gospel- inspired tinkling piano, the meandering steel guitar and the jazz-inspired rhythm section that ties it all together. Add in Jimmie’s exacting vocals, the trademark twang of Jimmie’s ‘Trigger’ replica guitar, along with the artist’s jaw-dropping physical likeness to Willie and you get the most accurate, faithful Willie Nelson Tribute show in the world.

Jimmie Wilson Road Show 3

Jimmie considers himself to be one of Willie’s biggest fans. He believes the better his show is, the bigger the compliment to this American icon, Willie Nelson. That’s what the Jimmie Wilson Road Show is all about.

Imagine the excitement created by that twanging intro to ‘Whiskey River’, a tune that has echoed through the American musical landscape for decades. That is what Jimmie Wilson takes pride in delivering, and that, is why the Jimmie Wilson Road Show delights audiences with a faithful reproduction of the epic Willie Nelson concert experience.

In the tradition of Willie Nelson, Jimmie often lingers after the show to meet the audience. He especially loves talking to the many Willie fans and hearing their stories of meeting the star.

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