Metallica Tribute: Damage Inc.

The foremost Metallica tribute band in the United States.

Exciting news! Damage Inc, Southern California’s tribute to Metallica, has been chosen by Metallica to be a part of the bands US and Canada 2023 weekend take over tour! See below for more info….


For the fans, for the love of metal, and for the diehards! An entire WEEKEND of METALLICA MUSIC!

DAMAGE INC, MOTORBREATH and SANDMAN, the world’s top 3 METALLICA tribute acts come together to bring you this exclusive ‘Tallica Takeover’ event to keep the Metallica fans headbanging through every weekend of METALLICA’S 2023 US tour!

…AND TRIBUTES FOR ALL! Is going to give all of you metal fans a taste of the old and the new, from Kill ’em all to Ride, Master to Justice, from The Black album, all the way to 72 Seasons!

Each event will bring a unique combination of Metallica’s catalog with no repeats and will include a variety of both timeless classics as well as those rare deep cuts… all culminating in a Jam finale with all three bands performing together, reminiscent of the BIG 4 tour!

This extraordinary event will take place on every Saturday of METALLICA’S U.S. 2023 tour! Come and be a part of this rare opportunity to celebrate the music of the greatest metal band of all time!


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