Willie Nelson Tribute: Shotgun Willie Live

The perfect timely tribute to Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson Tribute Shotgun Willie LiveShotgun Willie is the perfect timely tribute to the iconic Willie Nelson who just turned 90 years old. Willie tribute acts are relatively rare, and good ones far rarer. This tribute quite arguably is the very best. After almost every single show, one or more people say the same thing…” I closed my eyes, and I was right there at a vintage Willie concert of old”.

Trip Advisor comment stated..” his voice was indistinguishable from Willie Nelson’s”.
At each show, I give away my own handmade signed bandanas. They are a huge hit with kids, and also adults wanting photos with “Willie”.

In addition, before each song I tell a brief story about why Willie wrote the song. Some of the stories are quite humorous and they tend to endear the audience to me and educates them as well.

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