The WHO Tribute: Teenage Wasteland

The Teenage Wasteland bring the full live experience of one of rock’s greatest acts to stages across America.

Teenage Wasteland logoIf you are looking for a premiere The Who Tribute Band, The Who Invasion is the one for you.  Performing the Mod anthems of the mid-60’s, classic songs of the “Tommy” era, the fury of “Live at Leeds” and the triumphant tracks off “Who’s Next,” Quadrophenia” and “Who are You,” The Who Invasion capture authentic aggression and rock ’n roll essence.

The addition to bringing two full sets of both The Who’s most memorable hits and exclusive album cuts alive on the concert stage, this The Who cover band, The Who Invasion also feature the cream of the 60’s British Invasion from such artists as: The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Kinks, The Animals, David Bowie, Mott the Hoople, Led Zeppelin, Free, and Bad Company.

Formed by some of the more talented and seasoned musicians working on the Las Vegas strip, The Who Invasion feature the talents of:

Keith Steven Caplan as Roger Daltrey

New Jersey native Keith Steven Caplan plays the role of lead singer Roger Daltrey to perfection, capturing Daltrey’s powerful, yet sensitive voice, mane of blonde hair, and chiseled physical presence.

Chris Guida as Keith Moon

The spirit of Keith Moon is channeled by Pittsburgh native Chris Guida, who drives the band as he emulates “Moon The Loon’s dynamic, freewheeling, stick twirling, powerhouse drumming.

Jon Stenber as John Entwistle

On lead bass as John Entwistle is Milwaukee, WI USA native Jon Stenber in the role of John Entwistle – BASS GUITAR

Stephen Burchell as Peter Townshed

Stephen Burchell as Peter Townshend.  Hailing from Ibstock, England UK – LEAD GUITAR

The Who Invasion is one of the top The Who Tribute Bands and will thrill your audiences.

If you want the ultimate tribute band to one of the most influential and famous classic rock bands in history, look no further than The Who Invasion. This amazing tribute band will perform all of your favorite hits from The Who’s extensive catalog and some rarer tracks that will leave you amazed. Don’t miss out on booking The Who Invasion now!

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Download The WHO Tribute: Teenage Wasteland Electronic Press Kit Now

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Download The WHO Tribute: Teenage Wasteland Electronic Press Kit Now

EPK Download