Jason Aldean Tribute: Big Green Tractor

Nashville's Tribute to The Music of Jason Aldean

Big Green Tractor Jason Aldean Tribute

Big Green Tractor is a group comprised of Pro Recording and Touring Musician/Vocalists who had prior acquaintances with each other for a few years before BGT. They discussed the idea of starting a project together as they stayed in touch and frequently crossed paths on the music circuit and at various shows.

During the Covid-19 pandemic (no comment), when most music venues were closed, they maintained their connections and gathered periodically to perform the classic songs of the 70s and 80s in the seclusion of their respective studios. As live music venues gradually reopened, they found themselves transitioning to Tribute performances, paying homage to iconic bands like Journey, Toto, Bon Jovi, Def Leppard, Whitesnake, Eagles, and more.

The appeal of Tribute shows continued to grow, and the group remained committed to this musical direction. During one particular gathering, they engaged in a conversation about Jason Aldean and his significant influence on the Country/Rock genre. It dawned on them that they were all avid Jason Aldean fans, sharing the motto, “Drink beer and know stuff.” Subsequently, they began incorporating his songs into their jam sessions, discovering that not only were these songs great but also incredibly fun to play.

They started performing at venues, often by invitation from their peers, delivering energetic renditions of Jason Aldean’s songs that never failed to ignite the crowd, resulting in enthusiastic cheers and line dancing from the audience. It was at that moment they collectively decided, “Let’s finally do this…”

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