Van Halen Tribute: Van Halen Nation

The Ultimate Tribute to Van Halen

Van Halen Nation logoWe’ve been transporting Van Halen fans back to the 80s since 1990 with our tribute to the David Lee Roth era. VHN’s performance and production provides a full classic Van Halen concert experience! Every nuance of the original lineup has been meticulously addressed, replicating both visually and sonically the stage plot and high energy performance. From Eddie Van Halen’s iconic guitars and guitar playing to David Lee Roth’s multi octave screams and flamboyant stage wear, you will be transported back to the days of MTV, Aqua Net hairspray, and when the mighty Van Halen ruled the stage. Van Halen Nation delivers the same VH intensity and performances with the subtleness of a flamethrower. VHN has been built for festival and theater stages to provide full impact. Other VH tributes claim to bring the party…Van Halen Nation is the party!

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