Elvis Presley Tribute: Jesse Garron

The Closest Thing To The King!

jesse garronGive us just 90 minutes, and we will give you a glimpse of a happier time and help you forget about what’s happening in the world. Jesse Garron’s Tribute to Elvis takes you on a musical journey into the concert years when Presley was the King of Rock and Roll.

At first you might be skeptical, but soon you will be drawn in by Jesse’s portrayal. The heart-pounding introduction followed by the familiar songs made famous by Elvis and his peers will have you moving in your seat and singing along. Jesse’s powerful voice and emotional ballads will bring you to tears. The attraction of his moves will make you blush until you are clamoring to the stage for a scarf serenade. Ultimately you will be on your feet cheering for an encore and putting off the inevitable end to the exciting evening.

Jesse knows there was only one Elvis. And he knows his isn’t the only Elvis act out there. His show pays tribute to the man and his legacy in his own way. Named “The Closest Thing to the King” by a reporter 25 years ago, the term stuck and to this day is reinforced by audiences after every show.
But don’t just take our word for it.

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