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The Ultimate AC/DC Experience

az/dz ultimate ac/dc experience

Based out of Phoenix, Arizona, AZ/DZ has been Billed as one of The World’s Top Tributes to the greatest Rock and Roll Band of all time….AC/DC.  Established in 2008, AZ/DZ has performed for audiences around the world, opened for some of the Biggest Name Rock Bands and played at some of the premiere venues in the country to sold out crowds.

With authentic AC/DC Guitars, Bass, Drums and Back Line Equipment and the stage lined with Realistic AC/DC props including Replica Cannons and The “Hells Bell” AZ/DZ is able to capture the look and reproduce the raw energy of a Real Live AC/DC Concert Experience.

AZ/DZ performs the greatest hits of both the Bon Scott and Brian Johnson eras, with a setlist containing over 50 iconic AC/DC songs guaranteed to leave the audience “THUNDERSTRUCK”.

Compromised of five highly accomplished and talented musicians, they bring many years of studio, stage and touring experience to the Tribute. AZ/DZ bandmates share a common bond in their love and respect for the iconic music of AC/DC. Their passion is evident in the excitement and high energy they bring to every electrifying performance.

If you want the very best AC/DC Tribute look no further AZ/DZ is it!

Now, let’s dial it up to 10 and let the show begin.


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