Tribute to Donna Summer, KC and The Sunshine Band and Madonna: Weekend Dance Explosion

A tribute to Donna Summer, KC and The Sunshine Band and Madonna

Roll back the rug and move all the tables and chairs. Weekend Dance Explosion is in the house and we’re gonna have a PARTY! Weekend Dance Explosion is a tribute to the “Queen of Disco” Donna Summer, the “Father of Dance Music” KC and The Sunshine Band and the “Best-Selling female recording artist of all time” Madonna. WDE is a big band with a big show and the biggest party on any stage anywhere.

Three tributes, 4 singers, 2 dancers, a smokin’ horn section and a tight band combine to create a live experience that will keep you on your feet dancing and singing from the first downbeat to the last. Singers Morgan and Skye are 100% duplicates of Madonna and Donna Summer.

Close your eyes and you’re back in Studio 54 where the greatest voices soared over thundering beats. Stevie captures the essence of KC and the Sunshine Band, delivering a high energy, adrenaline-pumping show with spot on musical arrangements and amazing choreography. For those who live for the weekend what’s old is new again so let’s dance the Last Dance, Vogue and Get Down Tonight.

Weekend Dance Explosion is the brainchild of Christopher Lane and Stevie Bensusen, two well established Los Angeles industry veterans with thousands of shows under their belts. They were both searching for a new musical direction when they met four years ago and it didn’t take long to figure out that they were on the same path. They both wanted to perform feel good music that was more organic, less processed and less programmed than what was being played at radio so they began exploring musical forms that were closer to their roots. Christopher is the guitarist and Stevie is the frontman, both raised on a diet of RnB, Soul and Funk. The result was the creation of Weekend Dance Explosion.

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