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Chicago Rewired logo“Chicago Rewired – The Premier Tribute Ensemble for Chicago®” is an homage to one of the most enduring and successful pop/rock bands in music history, known for its staggering sales of over 100 million records, including 21 top 10 hits, 5 back-to-back number one albums, 11 chart-topping singles, and 5 gold records. This group is a collection of skilled and experienced musicians united by their shared aim to authentically recreate the classic tunes of Chicago, a band that has been the backdrop to countless fond memories.

The inception of Chicago Rewired traces back to the summer of 2015 in Charlotte, where drummer Mike Graci envisioned something beyond the conventional cover bands. His ambition led him to meticulously gather musicians who could bring his concept to fruition, culminating in the formation of this premier tribute band.

The musicians of Chicago Rewired don’t just perform; they celebrate the music they adore. They believe in creating an immersive experience where audiences can momentarily escape their daily stresses through the power of music. Their performances are invitations to join in this celebration, to relish in the joy of the music, and to let it uplift and transport you.

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