Pink Floyd Tribute: Bricks In The Wall

The Sight & Sound of Pink Floyd

Bricks in the Wall a nine-piece Pink Floyd Tribute Band out of Dallas, Texas. Faithfully creating the sound and feel of a Pink Floyd show, Bricks plays to thousands every year and is the longest running Pink Floyd Tribute in the nation. Bricks is proud to be The House of Blues – Dallas, Houston and New Orleans exclusive Pink Floyd tribute show and has exclusive arrangments with other top Live Nation venues.

Bricks shows are famous for their state-of-the-art laser shows synched to their video show and performance. Members include two guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, three female backup singers and saxophone player that allows Bricks to play Pink Floyd’s entire catalog.

Bricks was founded in 1998 with the goal of being the most successful Pink Floyd tribute act in the nation. Bricks invested heavily in making the shows a note-for-note-sound and visual recreation of a Pink Floyd concert experience. The band incorporates vintage instruments to help reproduce the legendary Pink Floyd sound. In addition to the sound, shows include the gigantic “Big Eye” circular video screen incorporating the same video

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