Selena Forever Tribute

A tribute to the Queen of Tejano Music Selena Quintanilla

Our show offers the best Selena Experience in the market. The energy and quality of the band is unmatched. Our singer has the looks, charisma, moves, stage presence, and vocal skills that engage the audience, so they sing and dance along. These characteristics give our show the necessary authenticity that would capture the audience’s attention.

Also, we strive to create an emotional connection with the fans through the music. Intros, outros, instrumental solos, and vocal displays contribute to the atmosphere and nostalgia the fans love. Furthermore, the show is family-friendly. Parents dress their kids with Selena outfits and bring them to the show since we often call them to the stage to share precious moments that will remain in their memories forever.

Our repertoire comprises the best and most well-known Selena hits from her English and Spanish productions. We include cumbias, rancheras, Tejano, ballads, and pop styles. This makes our tribute band very versatile for any client’s needs.

We are fully aware that Selena’s music has a wide reach and continues to have a significant fan base. Our focus is to build upon that familiarity and draw a dedicated audience who already appreciates and loves her music.

Lastly, we work hard to recreate the level of excitement and entertainment that made Selena’s performances so famous. We look forward to working with you by enhancing your event with the best of the Queen of Tejano music.

We offer four alternatives to our show:

1) 90-minutes straight
2) Two sets of 45-minutes each
3) One 1-hour set
4) Two 1-hour sets (2 hours total)

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