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Carpenters Tribute Concert
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Carpenters Tribute: Carpenters Tribute Concert

carpenters tribute concertDirect from Las Vegas – Carpenters Tribute Concert is the definitive show celebrating the music and legacy of the famed brother-sister duo. Starring Sally Olson and Ned Mills, the show is a re-creation of the 1976 UK tour, featuring hits including “We’ve Only Just Begun”, “Yesterday Once More”, “Superstar”, Karen’s drum solo, Richard’s classical piano feature, a Spike Jones parody of “Close To You”, comedy antics and much more. The show opens with a tribute to Herb Alpert & The Tijuana Brass.

Randy Schmidt, author of Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter, says “Sally’s tribute to Karen Carpenter is heartfelt and honest” and David Halston of Tribute Masters says, “Sally is remarkable, spot-on, and delightfully entertaining.” Sally is truly unsurpassed in her startling representation of Karen Carpenter, including authentic hairstyles and makeup, vintage costumes, gestures, and stunning voice.

This exciting show has played to performing arts centers, cabarets including the famed Triad Theater in NYC, and SOLD OUT showrooms in Las Vegas. The show was featured at the Carpenters 50th Anniversary Celebration in Thousand Oaks, CA in April 2019. Sally was selected to be the first ever Karen Carpenter tribute artist to perform with Legends in Concert.

Carpenters Tribute Concert: A Re-creation of the 1976 UK Tour features a powerful live band, historical commentary, lovely arrangements and video, taking audiences on an incredible journey down memory lane into the world of the Carpenters – the world’s ONLY authentic Carpenters production in sight and sound.

*Carpenters Christmas Tribute Show will be available starting in 2020.


“Sally’s tribute to Karen Carpenter is heartfelt and honest, and the attention to detail in the costumes and hairstyles is admirable.” – Randy Schmidt, author of Little Girl Blue: The Life of Karen Carpenter

“Sally takes us on a carefully crafted journey back to a time when melody, harmony, and well conceived composition ruled the music scene. Sally has captured the essence and beauty of that era in her show in a way that one rarely sees today. A thoroughly enjoyable evening of song.” – Dan Levine, Broadway composer, arranger and owner of Such-A-Voice

“Sally is remarkable. Her interpretation of Karen Carpenter is not only spot-on, it is delightfully entertaining.” – David Halston, Tribute Masters

“A unique and very fine concert.” – Vermont Public Radio

“Never have I heard anyone sing like Karen with such richness without pushing. You are amazing. Visually and vocally you are amazing, even your mouth looks like Karen. The way you grip the microphone with your right hand is Karen. Well done! Well done! Your clothing, your hair color, and your mouth when you are singing…It’s Karen all over again. Thank you thank you thank you for all you have done over these years to keep the memory of the Carpenters with us…I know of no one else that even comes close to what you’re doing!” – Michael Lansing, roadie & sound engineer for the Carpenters 1976 UK Tour

“We begin selling tickets 6 weeks prior to a show, and your Carpenters Tribute sold out in approximately 3 weeks. Our venue holds 296 patrons. We had a very long wait list of over 24 persons each wanting 2 tickets. There would have been double that on the wait list, but when they found out the size of the list, they declined to be put on it. You, Ned and your band were at the venue on-time, prepared and well-rehearsed for the sound and lighting check. This isn’t as common as one would hope with entertainers, and your professionalism and respect for all those assisting in the production was greatly appreciated. The show itself was smooth and many comments were made afterwards by patrons regarding how much they enjoyed the music, recreation of the Carpenters concert and the costuming. The interaction of you and Ned with the audience, bringing them along on the journey of why a song was a favorite of Karen or Richard, why it was written, etc., is a touch that not all tribute acts do. In my experience of booking hundreds of tribute acts and theatre productions, those performers that connect in that way with their audience bring a level of performance that makes a lasting impact. Thank you for a great performance and best wishes for continued success.” – Pamela McKinley, Theatre Manager at Freedom Hall Theatre in Las Vegas, Nevada

“Sally is the epitome of tribute acts. You will find it hard to believe that you are not actually watching and listening to Karen Carpenter performing! Her talent, hard work, and dedication has yielded an uncanny resemblance.” – Lane Gibson Recording and Mastering

“The Carpenters Tribute Concert at Solera was a huge hit with our residents! Produced with original arrangements, this sell-out performance was top quality all the way. You won’t want to miss this show!”

– Cynthia Cameron, Lifestyles Director, Stardust Theatre in Henderson, NV

“Last night I had the pleasure of seeing Sally Olson as Karen Carpenter in a tribute concert! Please please please do not miss the opportunity to see this talented young lady as she transforms into Karen Carpenter! I really do hope that she performs her show again in NYC because everyone should have the opportunity to witness this! Clearly one of the top shows I have ever seen!” – Orlando Iriarte – actor, director & cabaret producer/director in NYC


“The closest thing to Karen.”

“Sally embodies the spirit and the presence of Karen Carpenter.”

“The best tribute to the Carpenters I’ve heard.”

“Just saw your show, you and Ned were fabulous, totally blown away. I saw the Carpenters about 8 times live and you are the closest I have seen as far as voice and looks. Thank you for a wonderful evening!”

– Doug Linderman, attendee at the Carpenters 50th Anniversary Celebration in Thousand Oaks, CA

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