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Creative Concert Venue Options for Events

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Expand your concert venue options when planning a live event. After all, you want your guests to have a memorable experience. Being creative in choosing an event venue can lead to a memorable experience for those attending it.  This can be a key factor to having a successful event.

Concert Venue Options Take Many Forms

A great way to have a notable experience is to hold your event somewhere that will make it a more memorable occasion. For example, If you’re planning a fundraiser in the near future, why not have your event in a space that matches the cause of your fundraiser? For example, if you’re raising money for the arts, consider having your event at an art gallery or museum. Such a venue could be a great way to get your attendees excited about raising money for that cause. If you’re wanting to raise money for an endangered species, try having your live event at an aquarium or zoo.

The same idea can be said for any event. Expand your concert venue options and be creative a finding at finding the right venue option that fits the theme of your event. Be creative in choosing a concert venue option that will excite attendees as they arrive at your event venue. Being creative in matching your event to a venue is a great formula for a successful event.

Match the theme of your event with potential concert venue options to find the perfect place to hold the event. If you want to hold a gala, a great venue option for that event might be a historical building or home. If you want something elegant and outdoors, a winery could be a great idea as a venue option. In this blog, we’ll discuss a few concert venue options from art galleries to golf courses to wineries to show you that there are many creative venue options for your next live event.

Art Galleries or Museums

art galleries

Holding your live event in an art gallery or museum would be a great way to set the tone for any laid back or elegant sort of live event. If you’re going for an elegant feel, booking a smooth jazz or R&B genre band would be the way to go for booking live entertainment at that event.  Using an art gallery or museum as a venue option for your live event would be a great place for any corporate event. The breathtaking art would give your event a photo-worthy backdrop for each attendee. You can just imagine the social media posts coming from such a venue. As a creative event venue option, consider having a fundraiser for any sort of arts cause at an art gallery or museum.

Golf Courses

golf courses

In a previous blog we discussed having your festival at a golf course. Golf courses are not only a great venue for festivals but for any live event such as corporate parties, fundraisers, concerts and more. If you’re having a large event that needs to take place outdoors, why not select a golf course as one of your venue options? You can have vendors set up on the greens and fairways and have an array of food trucks, brands and pop ups in a different and memorable space.

Zoo or Aquarium

aquarium venue

If you are looking at various concert venue options, don’t’ forget zoos or aquariums. Planning your event at an aquarium or zoo could do the trick in making the event stand out. Having glass walls contiguous with your event with beautiful animals could produce an interesting live music setting at your event. Your attendees could walk around and appreciate the environment of the overall venue and the animals.  This experience as well as the entertainment found in the main event area provides a really memorable experience. Hosting an event like a fundraiser at an aquarium or zoo could be a great creative venue option. This is especially true if the event is about raising money for an animal cause or has a theme related to animals, the ocean, etc.  Such a venue could be a memorable space to grab the attention of your attendees and help you to raise the money that you need.

Historical Homes or Buildings

historical homes

Using a historical home or building can transport your event to another place and time. If your event has a historical theme, think about concert venue options such as a historical home or warehouse.  Consider a historical landmark as a venue option for your event.  If your attendees are interested in history or preservation, such venues really capture your attendee’s attention. A great event option for a historic home or building would be any sort of elegant cocktail party or fundraising gala. During the cocktail portion of your event, you could book a nice quartet to provide background music while your attendees mingle and look at the beautiful historical architecture.



Wineries can be a wonderful concert event option if you’re wanting a more chic outdoor live event setting. Since the Covid pandemic, outdoor events became increasingly popular as event venues. Social media is filled with people choosing wineries for weddings, parties and corporate events. A winery setting is a beautiful backdrop for any live event. You can get creative in your approach to holding events in this setting. Consider having a wine and cheese walk through the vineyards as part of the event.  Such am experience, coupled with the live entertainment you’ve chosen can be a wonderful happening for those attending the event. Another plus of a winery as part of your event options list is that most of the time wineries have a decor that fits the venue. If it fits your event theme you can save you a little bit of money by using the existing décor as part of your event decorations. If you’re looking for a relaxing and creative event option with scenery for your next live event, try having it at a winery.

No matter which creative concert venue option you choose, you will need an entertainment company with experience to provide the entertainment you want in that setting. In the 47 year of holding events, TSE has seen it all.

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