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Concert Production: A Busy and Challenging Weekend

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The following three events demonstrate the range of concert production services that TSE can handle basically simultaneously. One especially is a real challenge, but just the kind of challenge that TSE Entertainment likes to take on.

country music festivalApril 23: Country Music Festival in an Arena

whiskey & wineTSE is working with the Promoter, ETX Whiskey and Wine, to produce this Country Music Festival. ETX Whiskey and Wine promotes both large and smaller events in the Tyler, Texas Market. TSE has an exclusive contract to book and handle the local production for all ETX’s shows. This weekend’s Country Music Festival features Clay Walker with Aaron Watson, Casey Donahew, and John Michael Montgomery. The Brian Chance Band will perform as the local opening band for the event which begins at 5:30 p.m. The full line up:

  • Brian Crews Band
  • John Michael Montgomery (6:00 to 7:00)
  • Casey Donahew (7:30 to 8:30)
  • Aaron Watson (9:00 to 10:00)
  • Clay Walker (10:30 to midnight)

oil palaceThe festival is being held at the Oil Palace in Tyler, Texas. It’s a 9,000 capacity, 85,000 square foot live concert and event venue. It’s the only venue of its size within 90+ miles of Tyler, considered to be the “Capital of East Texas” and the “Rose Capital of the World.” It has played host to some of the biggest names in music, comedy and spoken word.

April 22, Private Birthday Party Concert at a Beach House

The Oil Palace Country Festival is a relatively easy production compared to handling the booking and production logistics of Gary Allen and the Oak Ridge Boys for a private event at a beach house on the Texas coast on April 22nd. It’s a surprise birthday party right next to the ocean at a beautiful beach house owned by the family. It’s a picturesque site right next to the Gulf of Mexico. TSE is handling all arrangements for the event except for catering and party guest issues. This private party presents a host of challenges that one would not find at an event venue or with less renown talent. For instance, where do you put four 45 ft tour buses, one with a trailer? What about the 53 ft semi with band gear as well as the semi-truck bringing in a mobile stage and another truck for sound and lighting equipment?

Don’t forget the 50 to 60 guests will also have vehicles to park. We also need air-conditioned portable bathrooms, tents, plywood, and a host of other supplies to anticipate anything that may arise during the set up and performance. There are also the 12 loaders needed and the local transportation requirements as the artists’ accommodations are almost 40 miles away. Add to that an open exposure to the Gulf of Mexico, salty air and windy conditions and the event is certainly not ordinary. However, with 47 years of experience with booking and production for concerts and festivals, we’ve seen it before.

April 23rd University all day Outdoor Spring Concert

spring concertThis weekend TSE Entertainment is also producing the Schreiner University Annual Spring Concert. This is an all-day affair starting at noon and ending at 10:30 p.m. Wade Bowen will headline the concert with four other bands on the program. The University decided that other that campus security, they did not want any of their students or staff involved in putting on the event. They wanted them to just attend and enjoy the festivities. Besides the booking and advancing the show, TSE is handling all the logistics involved in producing the concert.

Schreiner University Spring Concert
Site of the Schreiner University Spring Concert

Besides staging, sound and lights, and video wall, TSE is handling stage fencing, green room, catering needs, local transportation, light towers, porta potties, trash services, tents needed, and recruiting food and beverage vendors. TSE will manage backstage security and even oversee the cleaning up the concert area once the concert is completed. TSE’s weather contingency plan for the event has been adopted by the University and shared with campus security.

TSE will also use the event to market the Kerrville River Festival that takes place in September. TSE is responsible for producing, marketing, and developing sponsorships for that event as well. TSE’s promotion staff will be offering attendees a chance to win prizes in return for the email addresses as well as distributing handouts and showing a promotional video for the Kerrville River Festival. TSE will have ten team members on hand to make sure everything from setup to take down is handled smoothly.

These are just three of TSE’s live entertainment events taking place this weekend. See below for other shows booked by TSE. These three will require multiple TSE people on site, including our PoM person (event producer) as well as other team members to deal with logistics, client relations, artist issues as well as run of show. These three different events demonstrate a range of different types of venues including an arena event with big name artists: a beach house event lacking any of the normal venue amenities for big name artists: and an all-day outdoor concert on a university campus.

There are a lot of moving parts to these kind of live entertainment occasions. We will do everything in our power to see that things go smoothly. It’s what we do! It’s what we’ve been doing since 1975. Look for a summary of the events in a future newsletter.

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