5 Major Points That Make a Successful Concert Production

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When putting together a concert production, careful planning is paramount to ensure everything goes smoothly. And when we say everything, we mean every single tiny detail that can make or mar the success of your event. This includes preparing your budget, managing rehearsals, and getting every single strobe and movement of light down to the beat.

Because planning a concert production can be complicated, event organizers trust concert production companies to help them with this difficult project. This is because companies like TSE Entertainment have a team of experienced professionals who understand how productions work.

More importantly, they plan through the audience’s perspective, providing you with exceptional service and insight when you organize your events. If you’re putting together a concert, we’ve got some major points to remember to ensure a successful production.

1. Stage Lighting

Stage lighting can seem tricky, but it’s incredibly worth it as it adds to your concert’s mood and vibe. When you prepare your lighting, ensure that all your equipment is working properly and respond on cue, especially when other effects are involved.

Thankfully, LED lighting is gaining popularity and is the favorite choice for concert productions since it consumes less power than traditional lighting equipment. Besides that, LED lighting is also cooler and less hazardous, making it incredibly safe for massive public events.

2. Sound System

Another major factor that can make or break your concert production is your sound system. When the music isn’t clear – whether it’s due to a weak bass or your artist’s mic is too soft – your concert production is a failure. For this reason, plan your sound system carefully and that it’s ready to keep up with the jibe of the concert.

When you prepare your concert’s sound system, you need to know every musician’s role and when the changes in the music will happen. Every movement and cue is important, so if something unplanned happens, you’ll need to make adjustments in real-time while still matching the style and performance.

This is why it’s crucial to work with experienced concert production companies because they’ll know to check all the requirements for an excellent sound experience.

3. Recording equipment

Whatever sound that is produced on stage is directly affected by everything that surrounds the area. For this reason, you should pay attention to every single sound you hear on the monitors.

Depending on the performers and the number of people on stage, you’ll need to use the right equipment to produce quality sound throughout their set. Ensure that their equipment isn’t getting feedback and unpleasant sound peaks during the set; this is why sound checks are essential.

4. Concert Space

Like any event, your space also plays a vital role in the success of your concert production. If you want an intimate setting and want to showcase an acoustic set, large auditoriums are out of the picture.

A great way to know if you’re choosing the right venue is by imagining its comfort. If the space feels uncomfortable for the type of concert you’re producing, it might not be the best place for your musicians to perform. Also, the better the acoustics of the location, the less time and effort you put into investing additional equipment to compensate.

5. Socially Distant Event Protocols

Since we’re in the middle of a pandemic, concert productions are experiencing a new normal as well. To ensure that you host safe, socially distant events, you need to follow the basic protocols.

Know that every city has its own COVID-19 guidelines and that you should consider this. Besides that, you need to provide sanitation stations, create a medical response plan, and produce safety tips content for concert-goers and participants.

Why You Should Work With Professionals

Concert production isn’t an easy thing to plan. As mentioned earlier, there are so many factors you need to consider, and other than that, you need to ensure that you’re doing them right. By working with a reputable concert production company, they’ll produce a carefully-planned, high-quality concert that won’t only impress your concert-goers but also the musicians and organizations you work with.

Concert Production Companies in Texas

Planning a concert isn’t such a daunting task with the help of an expert team from superior concert production companies, such as TSE Entertainment. We provide fantastic event, festival, and concert production services, as well as provide talents and acts perfect for any type of event. Learn more about our services today!

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