Jeff Martin – Comedian Magician

Jeff Martin - Comedian Magician

jeff martin magician On the road for as much as nine months annually, Jeff and his wife, Pam, are constantly updating his shows, writing new comedy, and producing shows for others. When time permits, Jeff enjoys mentoring to aspiring magicians as well as creating magic products. Jeff’s ‘at home’ with his audience. Fairs, festivals, corporate events, church shows, schools and civic organizations – all have enjoyed Jeff’s talents for their events.

He has been bringing his special blend of Magic and Comedy to Fair and Festival audiences for over thirty years. His repeat bookings speak volumes about the quality of showmanship Jeff delivers to each and every performance. From stage shows to award-winning close-up magic, Jeff leaves the audience wanting more!

From New York to sunny California, Jeff brings families back to the fair time and time again. Jeff is able to draw from a treasure trove of material allowing him to perform several different shows at the same venue.

Jeff is always looking for bigger and better magic to entertain his audience’s. His ability to change a show at a drop of a hat is what separates Jeff from so many others. This experience not only makes Jeff a must see performer, it means he knows how to do business with those that keep the faire and festival business alive!


“There is no doubt there will be a riotous good time in the building when Jeff Martin takes the stage! Jeff learned a long time ago that magic alone could be as ho hum as a Thanksgiving turkey unless it had the trimmings. Here is a show that is fully fleshed with Jeff’s expert skill coupled with his easy good humor, that will leave everyone with a very satisfied feeling, like right down to that last dollop of whipped cream on a slice of pumpkin pie.” – CS Talent Agency