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Organizing a music festival can be a stressful process. There are many steps that must occur before a successful music fair or festival can occur. Often times, having a professional hand around to help can alleviate a lot of the stress and make the planning just as fun as the festival itself! No matter the size of the music festival, it can always be helpful to hire an event planner or concert promoter, experienced with putting on such events for assistance. In order to give some clarity on what working with a event planner/promoter and booking agency can look like, the rest of this blog will be dedicated to giving an outline of some of the things agencies can do to help you find quality entertainment for the music festival you are organizing.

Organizing a Music Festival: Start with a Business Plan

As with anything, developing a business plan for your idea is always an essential first step. Begin with what you are trying to accomplish, i.e., the objectives you hope to accomplish, for example raising money for a charity, raising awareness of a cause or venue, etc. Next comes the steps to make your objectives happen. Organizing a music festival means having a plan with details such as budget, the type of venue you will use, your audience, the types or genres of live entertainment you’d like. If you have a plan for organizing your music festival if will enable event planners and booking agencies to help you even more. Of course, if you aren’t sure about those details, hiring an event planner or concert promotion professional to help you with that stage is also an option.

Developing an overall budget is one of the first things that can help your plan take shape. Once a budget is set in stone, it becomes much easier to decide what you can afford and what may have to be compromised. Sometimes the wants may outweigh the budget, but that does not mean that the quality of the music festival needs to take a hit! That is one great thing about hiring professional help.  Entertainment professionals know how to help keep costs within your budget while still helping to put on an impressive live music festival event.

Another important consideration in organizing a music festival is what type of venue you want to use to host the music festival. An indoor venue has the advantages of providing an intimate atmosphere and being weather-proof. An outdoor venue can likely house more people and offer more of a traditional music festival feel. Either way, whatever your vision is, booking agencies and event planners can help it come to life by finding a local venue that suits your individual needs.

Expected attendance can also provide booking agencies and event planners with helpful insight into how best to go about finding a venue and the right entertainers. Knowing the audience size, or at least being able to predict it, can only help to enhance the experience for your attendees.

Having a venue that comfortably fits your audience seems like a simple enough task, but a booking agency can make that task much easier. Booking agencies can provide you with box office information about previous ticket sales, venue size and ticket pricing for the artists you are considering that fit your budget.

This results in a chicken and egg situation. Being able to afford an artist that can draw well will influence your choice of venues and vice versa. Not sense having a venue that accommodates many more people than the entertainer you can afford can draw. You always want to match venue and draw. A half empty larger venue looks a lot worse than a smaller venue filled to overflow with the same number of fans.

Will your music festival have food trucks? Catered meals? Food booths? A bar? If so, getting that organized is something else that can be done with the help of an event planning agency. There are countless options for event food catering that can fit in a variety of budgets, so it is definitely possible to find something that works for you while you are organizing your music festival!

Organizing a Music Festival: Know Your Audience

Who will be attending your music festival? That is one of the million-dollar questions you need to answer as you are organizing a music festival. Knowing your audience is essential to organizing an entertaining music festival.  What are the demographics of the area you hope to draw from to attend your event? It is critical to match your entertainment to the likes and interests of the audience you hope to draw.

With this information you can better target your promotion efforts for your music festival.  Potential Audience, venue and entertainer will determine the cost structure for the tickets if that is the route you choose. A booking agency can help you with artist previous draw as well as the demographic a certain artist appeals to for getting fans into your event.

Is this music festival for charity? Is it simply for fun? Is it meant for a younger audience or a mixed audience? Consulting with a music industry professional can only benefit you if organizing a music festival is something you are unfamiliar with.

Even people who organize the largest and most lavish music festivals use Live Nation or other concert promoters and event planners. It’s almost impossible to put together a quality music festival all by yourself. Perhaps not impossible, but you will certainly save time, money, and have more fun in planning if you get the aid you need from a booking and event planning agencies!

The most fun part about organizing a music festival is determining your live music entertainment! A booking agency can provide you with a variety of acts that are from an array of genres. Once you take the appropriate steps in determining a venue, a budget, and an audience, finding your live band lineup using a booking agency becomes easier than choosing which new TV show you want to binge on Netflix. Booking agencies can help you narrow your search by helping you decide which genre of music you would like, or if you would like a mixture of genres. We also know that your target audience plays a huge role in which bands you choose for entertainment, so we can point you in the right direction once we know the predicted audience. If your music festival has a theme for example—80s Flashback, Rodeo/Country-Western, etc.—we can provide some suggestions of bands working with TSE that we believe would be a good fit.

Working with booking agencies, concert promoters and event planners can provide you with expert budgeting, event planning, and live entertainment advice that you could not get anywhere else. Going into the process of designing and putting on a live music festival without the help of a professional could result in excess spending, stress, and potential disorganization.

TSE would love to help you save time and money all while putting on an unforgettable music festival! At TSE, we work with the industry’s best live talent, concert promoters and event planners. We can put you in contact with the finest musicians, event planners and independent concert promoters for your music festival.

After all…. we’ve been doing it since 1975.

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